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The Bass Foundation Subwoofer Duo



Announcing our flagship subwoofer. The Bass Foundation Subwoofer Duo is a double bandpass subwoofer that is designed to load the listening space with unmatched fast, powerful, accurate, articulate bass better than alternative designs of similar size and price..

Frequency response: Variable 22 - 145 Hz

Dimensions: 12 X  36 X 15 inches (W X H X D)

Price $4,495. Promotional price until April 30, 2022: $3,495


The New Model 15SE

NSMT Model 15SE


The new Model 15SE is a two-way, minimum phase, time coherent loudspeaker system that improves on the previous by using a crossover-less broad band woofer and time coherent tweeter to reproduce music with the kind of ease, coherence, and exhilaration, that few loudspeakers can match.

Because the woofer covers 55 Hz to 7,500 Hz, the fundamental frequency range of  most instruments and voices, there are no crossover induced phase or frequency abnormalities to color the sound in the most significant part of the audio spectrum. The tweeter's output is seamlessly integrated with the woofer's with a 6 dB crossover to cover the harmonics of instruments and voices beyond 7,500 Hz.

Stereo Times Reviews the Model 20M Armada System

NSMT 20M Armada System

Many thanks to Terry London and Stereo Times for their review of the 20M Armada System.

A sample of Terry's comments:

"Every review I have done on NSMT Loudspeaker's models, from the least expensive to the top line references, has provided me with music pleasure in three key areas:
All of the NSMT speakers offer beautiful/natural tonality, timbres, and colors of musical instruments.

All are "champs" at sound staging and imaging.

Mr. Rickett's is a world-class master at transmission line loading/bandpass subwoofers, leading to deep, accurate bass with subsonic extension that can load and surprisingly pressurize a room, based on the size of the cabinet." 

"The 20M Armada effortlessly, even at very high volume levels, allowed the percussive bass drum kicks to fill my acoustic space. The deep extension of the B-3 Hammond organ's bass pedals notes was extremely hard-hitting, but tonality was accurate. I was feeling the psychical ambient air pressure waves as much as hearing the bass notes."

"One of my veteran audiophile friends tried to describe how the 20M Armada sounded to him. He came up with, "it has the speed and details of a big electrostatic panel, with more accurate sized images, but with "big balls" bass and dynamics."

Terry also tested the ability of the Bass Foundation Subwoofer to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of monitors "...composed of speakers from $600 to $6000 in price from Canton, Wharfedale, Sonus Faber, Harbeth, Role, and Mhi." including the dimunitive Role Audio Skiff

Here is what he discovered:Here's what I discovered:

1) The NSMT active bandpass subwoofer was very easy to tune in for optimum performance with each monitor because of its excellent adjustments regarding crossover settings, phase adjustment, and volume levels.

2) If you were blindfolded and did not know you were listening to a small two monitor design with the 20M Amada pedestal, of course, you would swear you were listening to a full-range floor-standing speaker or large panel design with unlimited dynamics and sub-sonic bass extension.

3) With the 20M Amada active bandpass subwoofer pedestal, each monitor's voicing was not lost or interfered with. Still, the power foundation of the lower mid-range and upper bass frequencies was blended seamlessly with that monitor speaker. 


In this regard the Bass Foundation Subwoofers outperformed his highly regarded $12,000 pair of subwoofers.

Read the review here.


A New Model 75

NSMT Model 75

A new Model 75 has been added to our lineup. It is an all acoustic suspension two-way design with an active subwoofer. Dimensions are 42 H X 9.5 W X 9 D inches. Frequency response is 26Hz to 20kHz =/- 2.5 dBs. Efficiency is 96.5 dBs.

The Model 75 was the first speaker we sold commercially. It was sold by Performance A/V on Sunrise High in Merrick, Long Island, New York, to a customer who A/B-ed the Model 75s against his legendary Bose 901s. He traded in the Bose 901s for the Model 75s. That was quite a confidence booster for a new startup. The new Model 75 is a worthy successor and upholds the old Model 75 reputation for “imaging on the next block.”

A Comment by one of our Model 100 Customers


"...these are the best speakers I have ever heard..."
NSMT Model 100

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today."

"I have been a musician for 40 years, professional for 25 so I know what every instrument sounds like in the real world and I play 11 instrumerns at a high level, exotic ones like Japanese shakuhachi flute, Turkish saz, Colombian tiple, and I play guitar and sing, I do rock, blues, reggae, calypso, oldies, etc. I know music inside and out and these are the best speakers I have ever heard hands down. I’ve also recorded in the studio and done tons of home recording so I am a recording engineer and with these speakers every instrument sits in the mix perfectly, just the way the engineer recorded it, it’s unreal how accurate they are. And as a musicain and engineer I understand what a mix is better than a non musician -I've mixed many many songs in the last 40 years, and my ears are perfect, I hear what's on the recording the way it was intended to be heard.The soundstage is perfect also, wide and deep. I had the Grand Veenas--awesome speakers and I had the Tekton Double Impact SEs, even better, but they do not copmpare to the 100s. I’ve had them just shy of two months and every time I listen to them I shake my head in awe. They do everything right, I feel they are totally neutral, they do not add or take anything away from the music. I listen to albums I’ve been listening to for 35-40 years, Sabbath, Zep, Floyd, etc, and it’s almost like listening to them for the first time, it’s amazing and astounding. I like my system to sound natural, like real music which is why I hate Krell, Magico, and Wilson, they do not sound natural, they sound cold and analytical which is the opposite of good sound. I could go on and on but I won’t just get them you will not regret it. And if someone thinks these are not amazing speakers they don’t have good ears it’s that simple. These are objectively incredible speakers." Read more here.

Is the Model 100 the Best Speaker on the Market Today?

NSMT Model 100

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today." (barany/Audiogon)


Feedback is coming in. So how does the Model 100 stack up against some highly regarded speakers?

Tekton Design Ulfberht:

The Model 100 has better bass, loads the room better, better tonality, and better imaging:

"The bass was great on the Tektons but the bass on these is otherworldy, it's the best I've heard."

"...this speaker (Model 100) was much better than the Tekton ULFS..." (barany/Audiogon)

Harbeth 40.2

The Model 100 has similar tonality but better imaging and way better dynamics:
"I still think of them as Harbeth 40.2 with "balls." If you know what Harbeths offer regarding color/tonality and imaging, the Model 100 has these qualities with even betteer dynamics and deep low end extension."

Omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 MK II

Similar imaging, better dynamics:

"...the Model 100 demonstrated one of its special qualities by how it could replicate the original time/space with wrap-around holographic immersion for a you-are-there sense that was greater than I ever experienced from a box speaker. The only times previously I heard this was from a pair of omnidirectional MBL Radialstrhler E1O1 MKII so yes, I'm talking soundstaging." (Terry London, 6moons)

The Model 100 is Most Wanted Component 2010 - 2020


NSMT Model 100Stereo Times Most Wanted Components
The Model 100 wins Stereo Times' most wanted speaker of the 2010-2020 decade.

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today. This company has been has been in business for the last thirty years and it is incredable that they have flown so far under the radar! This status is about to change with this speaker!" (latest comment by barany on

In other developments we upgraded the Model 100 subwoofer amplifier to a class AB 250 watts RMS amplifier that has switchable 120/240 voltage without increasing the price. The Model 100 is currently available in sapele and natural birch plywood cabinets as well as satin black with natural cherry MDF cabinets. Custom finishes are available at extra cost. We are now shipping Model 100s in sapele cabinets and black with natural cherry cabinets in one to two weeks.