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The NSMT Model 100 delights!

NSMT Model 100 - sapele
Now available in sapele wood as shown above.

 "...the Model 100 demonstrated ... how it coud replicate the original time/space with wrap-around holographic emersion for a you-are-there sense that was greater than I have ever experienced from a box speaker. The only times previously that I heard this was from a pair of omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 Mk11..." (Terry London, 6moons)


Can a three driver compact loudspeaker outperform monolith multidriver speakers? Sometimes less is more. Just how good is the NSMT Model 100? Follow the discussion on Audiogon by some of those who have heard the Model 100 at reviewer Terry London's home:


"They are the best speaker I have heard over there by far."

"I still think of them as Harbeth 40.2 with 'balls.'"

"...massive bottom end power that blends perfectly."


...holographic sound-staging...”

"The imaging of these speakers is staggering."

...purity/beauty of the colors/tonality in the mid-range...”

...the sheer overall power of the speaker and the deep and accurate killer bass...”

...They really are wonderful in their ability to transport one to the performance with their amazing imaging.”

Great for any genre of music.”

I found myself getting lost in the music and having many goose bump moments as I listened to familiar tracks.”

Hear the Model 100 now at Audioarchon.

The first review of the new Model 100 is in.

NSMT Loudspeakers Model 100

A big thank you to Terry London and Six Moons for Terry's review of the Model 100. Can a modestly priced "box" speaker take on the  imaging prowess of the omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 MKII? We invite you to read here for yourself and to hear the Model 100 and decide for yourself.


Bass performance is the main determinant of the suitability of a speaker for any room size. With its flexible adjustable bass output, the Model 100 easily fits any room. And its low bass prowess and its ability to pressurize any room will shame many speakers with 15 inch woofers.


Terry describes how the Model 100's has the ability to replicate the original time/space of the musical event with a kind of wrap-around holographic immersion that he has only heard in one other speaker: the MBL Radialstrahler E101 MKII.


More recently Terry noted that "...the Model 100s  [is] "mesmerizing" because of the factors that everyone so far has experienced. First, holographic sound-staging, that encompasses you in the music.  Secondly, the purity/beauty of the colors/tonality in the mid-range.  Thirdly, the sheer overall power of the speaker and the deep and accurate killer bass and how it loads the room with sub-sonics that give you a sense of where the recording was made."


We welcome comparisons to any speaker at any price, with regard to bass performance, musicality, imaging, soundstaging, and value.

The New PSM is here!

NSMT PSM speaker

The new PSM is here with new composite paper cone woofers that have a more linear and extended response. The new design allows superb integration between the woofers and the tweeter which allows the drivers to act as a single driver.

The New Model 100 is Here!



The new Model 100 is here updated and offered in different finishes.

NSMT Model 100

The latest version of the Model 100 features a repositioned tweeter and a revision of how the tweeter is implemented. The goal is to get the tightest time alignment between the tweeter and the woofer. This significantly improves the Model 100's resolution of micro details and its imaging. In addition, we have improved the regidity of the cabinet by strategically placing stiffners on the internal panels in order eliminate resonances and produce truly boxless sound. Dubbed the Africa speaker, the Model 100 is now offered in Eco-friendly, non-toxic, standard satin black and cherry cabinets and in deluxe all wood natural birch plywood cabinets.

September 1st Price Increase for Jamaica and Chorus Speakers

We are still introducing and promotiing the Jamaica and Chorus speakers. We will raise the price of the Jamaica speaker to $2,495 per pair on September 1st. We will make subsequent price increases until we reach $2,785, the equivalent price of the original Model 50. We will also raise the price of the updated Chorus to $1,495 per pair. We will make subsequent price increases until we reach roughly $1,700, the equivalent price of the original Model 25.