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Center Channel Placement


 Center Channel Speaker Placement 

A high quality accurate center channel loudspeaker such the Role Audio Discovery that radiates the sound evenly will let you hear voices clearly and centered in your home theater system. The center loudspeaker has to be accurate because it is reproducing all the information produced by the other loudspeakers in addition to dialogue. Without the center channel speaker only the person in the "sweet spot" tends to hear dialogue that is centered. For other listeners the dialogue will drift towards the speaker they are sitting closest to. Your center channel loudspeaker should be "timbre-matched," with the left and right front speakers.


The Center channel loudspeaker should be placed in line with the front loudspeakers or in line with the back of of the main loudspeakers.


Center Channel Placement 1


Center Channel Placement 2


The center channel loudspeaker is generally placed directly above the TV. It may also be placed directly below it. It is generally desirable to place the center loudspeaker so that the tweeter of the center loudspeaker "lines up with" the tweeters of the two main loudspeakers.