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About Us

Welcome to our new website.

NSMT Loudspeakers was founded in 1990 as NSM Loudspeakers. We changed our name in the 1990s to NSM Audio to reflect our involvement with a line of tube amplifiers. In 2011 we changed our name to NSMT Loudspeakers. From 1990 to now, ownership has remained the same.

Since 1990 we have developed a reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing some of the very best loudspeakers. Consistently our loudspeakers receive accolades from audio enthusiasts and product reviewers around the world. Our products are described as "crafted with jewel-like precision," and "breathtaking," and lauded for their superb musicality and accuracy. Although our company remains small and somewhat  "under the radar," except for the cognicenti, we are highly regarded as the premiere US manufacturer of acoustic suspension and transmission line loudspeakers and for our innovative loudspeaker designs, by reviewers who continue to marvel at the quality, value, and performance of our loudspeakers.


When we started in 1990 we were driven by our love for music and a passion to build the most accurate and musical sound reproducers. Our love for music and the passion with which we handcraft our loudspeakers are undiminished. We have stuck to our goal to build loudspeakers that outclass loudspeakers from other manufacturers that cost even twice as much as ours. And we are still a small company which means we take personal pride in our products and we are able to pay close attention to every detail and to maintain the highest standards of quality control.


The first time most people discover our products is when they encounter them in small independent audio salons or through word of mouth by satisfied customers. They have not been bombarded by advertisements so they have no preconceived notion the first time they listen. We rely on these experiences to sell our products. Our products must sell themselves by their performance and their value. Instead of gimmickry, our products are characterized by their understated elegance and by their perceived simplicity. Our dedication to research and engineering ensures that every product we make is well thought out and therefore one of the best products in its class.


We invite you to audition out products and to discover why our products are some of the best values in high-end audio.