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The NSMT EXP Subwoofer

NSMT EXP subwoofer


The NSMT EXP Active Bandpass Subwoofer
Unconventional Quick Response Active Subwoofer

Frequency response: Variable, +/- 27 Hz to 195 Hz
Dimensions: 8 X 14 X 12 inches, 20 X 36 X 30 cm (W x H x D)
 "... lots of both mid-bass oomph and low end grunt..."
(Positive Feedback Online)
"tight and tuneful."
(Doug Schneider,

The NSMT EXP subwoofer is an audiophile subwoofer with the speed and accuracy to keep pace with with the best small  minimonitors and the power to play in theater systems. While many subwoofer manufacturers boast mega wattage subwoofer amplifiers, the quality of the subwoofer depends mainly on the design of the subwoofer itself and the real power of the amplifier depends on its design and power supply. The EXP bears this out. It is one of a very few subwoofers that is fast enough to keep pace with very small minimonitors and the bass is exquisite. Not the one note samba delivered by most subwoofers.
The EXP is a potent, compact, self- powered subwoofer system that is designed for use in high-end music and home theater systems. It uses a custom long-throw 6.5 inch woofer that is virtually indestructible and a band pass cabinet design to produce fast, accurate bass response.
The cabinet which is finished in fabric and painted surfaces is a new design based on a unique production method developed by NSMT. The driver is mounted in a sealed acoustic suspension sub-enclosure and fires into a sub-enclosure that is vented to shape the response. The design produces faster, more coherent, and more extended bass response and allows the subwoofer to be placed close to walls.
Magnetic shielding, an innovative band pass design, combined with a gutsy full-featured amplifier allows the EXP to provide an exceptional level of performance and flexibility.

The Model EXP is now finished with a beautiful certified environmentally-friendly finish and the inside panels are sealed to prevent any hazardous off-gassing that can occur from plywooods and MDFs used to make loudspeakers, at no additional cost.
Reviewer's and Customers Comments
"The quality of the bass that the EXP delivers is just like that of the 5 and 10S -- tight and tuneful."
(Doug Schneider,

"The [EXP] compact powered sub allowed me to play rock and pop music at any reasonable volume, with lots of both mid-bass oomph and low end grunt (these are NOT words I associate with small satellite-sub systems). To be sure, there are lots of similarly sized systems out there for those who must hide their speakers from the light of day, but I know of no other that delivers the musical goods at this price range, and with such good looks (if you decide to allow them to peak out from the background).
(From review of EXP and Model 5SE by Positive Feedback Online)

"...this system sounded almost as good as my $10k system."
(EXP & Model 5 subwoofer satellite system. Richard Cook,
"...the EXP is on the money with solidity and control and proves ideally matched to NSMs (NSMTs) speakers."
(Doug Schneider,
... These guys know how to make small speakers work in a way few others approach." 
(From review of EXP and Model 5SE by Positive Feedback Online)

"The EXP is an elegant-looking package that's attractive enough to sit out in the room..."
(Doug Schneider,

Magnetically Shielded
Eco-friendly finish
100 Watts amplifier
Continuously variable phase switch 
Auto-on power switch controlled by input signal
Volume control to adjust output
Continuously variable crossover from 50 Hz to 120 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Output protection circuit with relay
Thermal, overload and fuse protection
Line level and speaker level inputs
Line level and speaker level outputs
6.5 inch long-throw polypropylene cone woofer
Vented band pass design ideal for music and home theater systems
Front port allows near wall placement 
Dimensions: 8 X 14 X 12 inches, 20 X 36 X 30 cm (W x H x D)
Finish: Certified "green" eco-friendly finish allows you to get close to your speaker by limiting off-gassing from plywood or MDF used to make speakers -- Satin black top and bottom panels, black fabric covered side panels 
Rated Output: 100 watts RMS at less than .03% THD
Anechoic Frequency Response: Variable 27-195 Hz, +/- 3 dB (depending on crossover setting).
S/N Ratio: greater than 80 dB (A-weighted)
Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz,             
Input Connectors: Left and right line level RCA connectors, left and right speaker level binding posts
Output Connectors: Left and right line level  RCA connectors
Cabinet construction: Cross-braced ¾ and ½ inch MDF
Shipping Weight: 25 pounds