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Mastering Series

first-order, two-way, concentric, time coherent, point source loudspeaker systems


NSMT Model 20M

Model 20M


NSMT 20M Armada Speaker System

The 20M Armada System



First Order, Two-way, Concentric Array, Point Source, Loudspeakers 

Loudspeaker design is a holistic process that involves compromises and trade-offs. It is not how well a loudspeaker performs one importance performance criterion, but how evenly it performs on all the important performance criteria that makes it a good loudspeaker. How accurately a loudspeaker reproduces music depends on its amplitude response, its time coherence, and its phase response. We believe the concentric array, point source, two-way loudspeaker represents one of the most judicious approach to producing a musical, accurate loudspeaker. It is an elegant and efficient way to address all the critical issues of accurate amplitude response, time coherence, phase accuracy, and diffraction.

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