Modified Lepai T-Amplifier

NSMT's Modified Lepai Amplifier

NSMT Modified Lepai amp

NSMT Modified Lepai Amplifier

"Add to Cart" prices below include shipping charge


Option 1: Modified Lepai amplifier with banana terminals and modified standard 2 AMP power supply: $99.95

Shipping charge  in the USA:  $13

Total: $112.95

Option 2: Modified Lepai amplifier banana terminals and 12 volt, 3.5 AMP power supply: $115.95 

Shipping charge in the USA: $14

Total: $129.95

Option 3: Modified Lepai amplifier with five-way binding posts and 5  AMP power supply: $135.95 

Shipping charge in the USA: $14 

Total: $149.95

Master Source speaker cable in an additional mod to further enhance the bass and imaging performance and high frequency definition of our modified Lepai amplifier.

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 Design concept, reviews, and customer comments 


Winner of The 10th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2013 - The Best of the Best!

Visit here to read about the award. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

"I have had more fun listening to music through my NSMT modified Lepai Tripath amplifier than I have had from just about any other solid-state amplifier..."
Francisco Duran, Positive Feedback

...hard to believe."
(Positive Feedback first review, Issue 66)

“When NSMT tells you on their website that 'We have modified the amplifier to improve its bass performance, to improve the definition of its soundstage, improve its dynamic punch, and to improve its high frequency detail and its musicality,' you better believe it.”
(Positive Feedback second review, Issue 69)

Read about the concept for the mod and excerpts from reviews and a customer's comment here.

We can ship to many countries for less than $20 US additional. We can ship to Canada for an additional $7 US. Please use the contact form (under navigation) for inquiries.


NSMT Modified T Amplifier (rear view)

NSMT Modified Lepai amp
Ultimate mod has 5-way binding posts (top) with 5 AMP power supply
Standard  mod has gold plated banana jack terminals (bottom) and 2 or 3.5 AMP power supply.

The amp may be purchased without the power supply. Email us for price.

NSMT modded 12 volt, 2 AMP power supply.

 The plug is a barrel connector, the inner diameter is 2.1 mm, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm.


Deluxe 12 volt, 3.5 AMP power supply with filter (beefed-up power supply, built in/on filter, longer power cord).

 The plug is a barrel connector, the inner diameter is 2.1 mm, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm.

The Ultimate Mod

 includes 5-way binding posts and 5 amp power supply

NSMT modified Lepai Amplifier

5 amp power supply  with barrel connector, the inner diameter is 2.1 mm, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm.
Input voltage: 60~264VAC

3.5 amp power supply

Price for ultimate mod and shipping: $149.95

30 day money back warranty

6 month replacement warranty against defects

The amplifier is not returnable if it has s been tampered with or damaged.

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