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Modified Lepai T-Amplifier

Recipient Positive Feedback Online Writers' Choice Award 2013

NSMT Modified Lepai amp

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NSMT Lepai Bluetooth

Modified Lepai amplifier with five-way binding posts and 5  AMP power supply: $132.95  (Out of stock)

Latest reviewer's comment from Francisco Duran's review of the Model 100. Upon using the NSMT modified Lepai amplifer to drive the Model 100, Francisco Duran says:

"I heard an accurate tonal balance, natural timbres, nice decay of instruments and I could play the system as loud as I wanted with this little amp in the system thanks to the efficiency of the woofer/tweeter section of the M-100. Kicking in the subwoofers was icing on the cake. For sheer irony and bang for the buck, this was the best amp I used with the M-100's. Save yourself some money and invest in some kind of remote for the little Lepai because it doesn't come with one. While you're at it go and tell the emperor he is naked. This little amp can cook and it thoroughly embarrassed the hell out of the amps I have laying around my house."
(Francisco Duran , Positive Feedback, Issue 92, 07-01-2017)




The NEW NSMT A100: A worthy replacement for the NSMT Lepai

NSMT A100 Amplifier

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MasterSource speaker cable in an additional mod to further enhance the bass and imaging performance and high frequency definition of our modified Lepai amplifier.

"The MasterSource loudspeaker cable is the perfect match for the NSMT modified Lepai amplifier. The improved tonal color, resolution and dynamics really show off what this little wonder amp is capable of. Recommended!"
Buy MasterSource speaker cables here.


 Design concept, reviews, and customer comments 


Winner of The 10th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2013 - The Best of the Best!

"I have had more fun listening to music through my NSMT modified Lepai Tripath amplifier than I have had from just about any other solid-state amplifier..."

Francisco Duran, Positive Feedback

...hard to believe."
(Positive Feedback first review, Issue 66)

“When NSMT tells you on their website that 'We have modified the amplifier to improve its bass performance, to improve the definition of its soundstage, improve its dynamic punch, and to improve its high frequency detail and its musicality,' you better believe it.”
(Positive Feedback second review, Issue 69)

"The Lepai LP-2020A+ NSMT modified amp sells for around $135 with the upgraded power supply. The stock Lepai LP-2020A+ amp sells for around $20. The difference is like going from a Honda to a Lamborghini. The modified Lepai amp has its place in the world of audiophilia and I believe will become a future t-amp classic. Recommended." 
(Honda6, Audiogon) 

Read review "The mechanic's special gets turbocharged" on Audiogon  here.

"After hooking the Modified Leppy to my KEF Q1s, I turned on the power switch.
Wow ! It rocks ! The sound stage is really awesome ! Can immediately feel it being
superior to my old Denon amp in my current setup. Am loving it !
Thank you NSMT" (customer, Singapore)

Read about the concept for the mod and excerpts from reviews and a customer's comment here.


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Switch mode 12VDC, 5 AMP power supply

5 amp power supply  with barrel connector, the inner diameter is 2.1 mm, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm.
Input voltage: 100~264VAC. Plus 3 foot detachable grounded power cord.

5 amp power supplypower cord


AC input via IEC type power connector
CE and RoHS compliant
Short circuit, over voltage and over current protection
Meets CEC and Energy Efficiency Level V requirements
Meets FCC Class B regulations
Tip polarity: Positive

Input voltage: 60~264VAC, 47~63Hz
Load regulation +/- 5%
Output connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm

30 day money back warranty

6 month replacement warranty against defects

The amplifier is not returnable if it has s been tampered with or damaged.