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The NSMT PSM Super Monitor Loudspeaker

The New PSM Super Monitor with time aligned tweeter

NSMT PSM Super Monitor

(shown in standard black)

Price per pair, $4,495

Vertical Dimensions: 24 X 7.5 X 16 inches (H X W X D),
61 X 19 X 41 cm

Horizontal Dimensions: 7.5 X 24 X 16 inches
19 X 61 X 41 cm


Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3.5 dB

“when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and macro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either... the PSB Synchrony One ... and the Zen Technologies Adagios.” (both floor standing speakers [ review])

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The New PSM Super Monitor SE with wave guide tweeter 

NSMT PSM Super Monitor

(Shown in bird's eye maple, standard finish is red birch and black)

Price per pair: $5,495

Vertical Dimensions: 24 X 7.5 X 16 inches (H X W X H),
61 X 19 X 41 cm

Horizontal Dimensions: 7.5 X 24 X 16 inches
19 X 61 X 41 cm

Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3.5 dB

1 pair PSM Monitors


The NSMT PSM Professional Studio Monitor, (PSM) the Super-Monitor, AKA Pharaoh Saunders Monitor, is a two-way loudspeaker that throws an incredible soundstage and handles dynamics with ease that's on par with most floor standing loudspeakers. It has a very neutral frequency response over its entire operating range. And its bass extension meets the THX standard for subwoofers.


From the dawn of the Stereophonic age, two-way monitors have been some of the purest loudspeakers, because of their tonal and timbral accuracy, and because of their imaging and accurate spatial presentation. Well designed two-way monitors provide a special window into a musical soundstage that other designs rarely realize.


However, the magic of two-way monitors is often limited by mediocre bass extension and constricted dynamic performance.


To solve these problems, we combine acoustic suspension and folded eighth-wave transmission line designs into a single compact cabinet to deliver the spatial, tonal and timbral qualities of the best two-way minimonitors and the bass extension of floor standing loudspeakers.


By combining a transmission line design with an acoustic suspension design the PSM exhibits the best performance qualities of both designs while avoiding the limitations of each. The PSM produces bass that is extreamely neutral, linear and extended. And imaging and soundstaging are on par with the very best minimonitors.


This innovative cabinet design measures only 7.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 24 inches high which allows the PSM to deliver the best imaging, soundstaging, and bass response in the most compact package.


No cost is spared in the design and execution of the PSM. Only the highest quality drivers and components are used. The PSM is unshielded and uses an excellent soft dome tweeter and special composite paper woofers. 

To complement the performance of the drivers, we use the highest quality crossover components, wires, and custom insulated terminals. Only high quality capacitors and air core perfect lay inductors are used in the crossovers. For internal wiring multi-strand oxygen free copper is used to the tweeter and woofers. 


The PSM is simply one of the best loudspeakers you will hear.



NSMT PSM Super MonitorNSMT red birch PSM with grill
Shown: PSM SE birdseye maple (left) and red birch (right)




Hybrid acoustic suspension and folded eighth-wave, tuned port, transmission line design (For greater accuracy, frequency extension, and dynamic range)

Time coherent driver alignment

One inch soft dome wave-guide Ferro cooled tweeter

Two 6.5 inch custom cast frame composite paper fiber long- throw woofers

10-year limited warranty




Frequency Response: 30 Hz-25 kHz,+/- 3.5 dB

-6 dB referenced to 1kHz: 25 Hz.

Sensitivity: 93 dB 1/watt/m

DCR: 4 ohms

Minimum Impedance: 4 ohms

Connectors: Custom fully insulated, gold plated five-way binding  posts

Dimensions: 7.5 X 24 X 16 (W x H x D)

Cabinet construction: Cross-braced 3/4 inch MDF

Finish: Satin gloss red birch with semi gloss black front and back panels

Shipping Weight: 45 pounds each

Recommended amplifier: 5-200 watts

-10 dB referenced to midband (1kHz) response: 23 Hz



The New PSM SE with wave guide tweeter

The main differences between the standard PSM and the PSM SE are:

(1) The standard PSM is only available in a black cabinet

(2) The PSM SE is available in red birch and optional finishes such as bird's maple

(3) The drivers in the PSM SE are more time aligned

(4) The PSM SE uses film foil capacitors

(5) The standard PSM's performance is at the level reported in Terry London's review

(6) The PSM SE features deluxe single wires terminals mounted on plexiglass terminal board while the standard PSM uses a plastic cup and bi-wire terminals

(6) Both PSM and PSM SE use the same woofers. However, the PSM SE uses a different and more radical horn loaded tweeter.