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Capital Audiofest 2023

 Capital  Audiofest 2023

NSMT Clairvoyant System TwoMost Wanted Speaker


Many thanks to the people who came to our room. The debut was great. Many people thought the Clairvoyant System Two were the best speakers at the show. Several people made return visits.

We used a near field setup with the Clairvoyant Monitors nearer to the center of the room and the subs behind them.  The sound was stunning. The Clairvoyants showed their prowess as near-field monitors producing a deep, holographic, soundstage, totally detached from the speakers. Great integration, great imaging.

People were surprised how the speakers disappeared despite how close they were sitting to the speakers. We demoed the Clairvoyants without the subs for several listeners who were surprised by their bass performance. Some notables from the industry came and stayed a long time. All in all, a great show.

Many thanks to our Chicago area dealer Mike Kay (847-687-4800) who loaned us the wonderful sounding SPL amplification, Black Cat cabling, and Puritan PSM 156 power conditioner. A special thanks to Koby of Hi Fi Logic (973-313-9080), our new Jersey/New York dealer, for driving down to help run the room and for providing the wonderful sounding Resolution CD  player and Aurender Music server. A big up to long time friend and former dealer Christopher who drove down from New York to help run the room. Could not do it without you!


The New Clairvoyant Speaker Systems

The Clairvoyant System II

NSMT Clairvoyant System Two

We are pleased to announce availability of the new ultra high resolution, transparent, and dynamic Clairvoyant standalone speaker and the System One, and System Two modular pedestal systems built around the Clairvoyant speaker. The systems are designed for dynamic ease, minimonitor elan, and featuring precise component matching for the utmost in symmetrical sound-staging and imaging.


You may be struck by our temerity to name this speaker Clairvoyant -- which  means the ability to see beyond normal perception. In speaker terms, we mean that this speaker has higher resolution and better performance than just about any speaker available, including our own highly critically acclaimed Model 100. You can read the critical acclaim and accolades for the Model 100 here. Already, accolades are coming in from the few people that have heard the Clairvoyant.  "...they compete with anything on the market today, regardless of price." (Terry London, Audiogon) A dealer remarked that, "I didn't think these would surpass the Model 100 speakers... You nailed it." However we are offering the Clairvoyant monitor at the aggressive introductory price of $7,495, the system one (see below) at $,11,950 and the System Two at $15,985.



The Clairvoyant

NSMT Clairvoyant Monitor


Clairvoyant System One
(with two Bass Foundation Subwoofers)

NSMT Clairvoyant System One


The Absolute Sound Reviews the New Model 15SE


NSMT Model 15SE

The Absolute Sound's review of the Model 15SE which was published in the hard copy Absolute Sound magazine's April issue is now on line here. Many thanks to Steven Stone and the Absolute Sound staff for the review.

The review is a testament to just how right the latest evolution of the Model 15SE is. The Absolute sound describes the Model 15SE as a high end bargain.

Some snippets from Steven Stones' review:

"If I had to sum up the sound of the 15SE in one word it would be "right."

"The Model 15SE is more even in the lower midrange and upper bass than the LS3/5A."

"... the 15SE's upper frequency response managed to be resolving without sounding bright, and airy without sounding shrill."

"... it got me s close to the music as any system I've heard--whether room or nearfield."

" to my ears, the Model 15SE not only gets the lateral placement correct but also delivers the dimensional cues and boundaries of sources in an especially three-dimensional manner."

"... the 15SE will generate an extremely exciting soundfield."

You can read the review here.

The Model 75 is Reviewed by Stereo Times

NSMT model 75

Price: $6,495

One year promotional price: $5,550

Many thanks to Terry London and Stereo Times for their review of the Model 75. Regarding the petite Model 75's ability to play large rooms, Terry notes that:

"Even in (his) massive listening space (30' wide by 30' deep by 25' high), this petite-sized speaker effortly preassurized the room with taut percussive bass frequencies."

Read the review on Stereo Times.

Read more about the Model 75 here.

The Bass Foundation Subwoofer Duo



Announcing our flagship subwoofer. The Bass Foundation Subwoofer Duo is a double bandpass subwoofer that is designed to load the listening space with unmatched fast, powerful, accurate, articulate bass better than alternative designs of similar size and price..

Frequency response: Variable 22 - 145 Hz

Dimensions: 12 X  36 X 15 inches (W X H X D)

Price $4,495. Promotional price until April 30, 2022: $3,495


The New Model 15SE

NSMT Model 15SE


The new Model 15SE is a two-way, minimum phase, time coherent loudspeaker system that improves on the previous by using a crossover-less broad band woofer and time coherent tweeter to reproduce music with the kind of ease, coherence, and exhilaration, that few loudspeakers can match.

Because the woofer covers 55 Hz to 7,500 Hz, the fundamental frequency range of  most instruments and voices, there are no crossover induced phase or frequency abnormalities to color the sound in the most significant part of the audio spectrum. The tweeter's output is seamlessly integrated with the woofer's with a 6 dB crossover to cover the harmonics of instruments and voices beyond 7,500 Hz.