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The Model 75


The New Model 75

a svelte speaker that will preassurize any sized room

NSMT Model 75

Price: $5,995
(shown in red birch)

Terry London, Stereo Times


After several years, we are reintroducing a new Model 75. Like the original Model 75 it is a powerful all acoustic suspension loudspeaker that takes up less than an 8.5 by 11 inch page worth of floor space. But unlike the original Model 75, which used two 6.5 inch woofers and two 5 inch mid range drivers to cover the fundamental frequencies of music, the new Model 75 use a single eight inch broadband woofer, along with an amplified eight inch subwoofer that reinforces low bass frequencies to to cover the fundamental frequencies, and a tweeter to cover harmonics.

The Model 75 combines a time coherent, two-way acoustic suspension monitor section with an active acoustic suspension subwoofer in a single compact cabinet design. The Model 75 features a 12 dB 1 inch textile dome tweeter, a crossover-less 8 inch broad band painted paper cone driver and an amplified 8 inch painted paper cone subwoofer. The tweeter has a wave guide flange that allows it to be perfectly timed aligned with the broad band woofer. 

The Model 75 delivers stunning performance from 26 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It is a very powerful compact loudspeaker.  Its low bass extension is visceral.  It is designed to reproduce music with superior musicality, coherence, spatial presentation, dynamics, speed and tonality.

The Model 75 fills the gap in performance, size, and price between the Model 50 and the Model 100. 

The Model 75 has better resolution, deeper and  more powerful bass response and it surpasses the old Model 75's reputation for “imaging on the next block.” It takes up an even more paltry nine and a half by nine inches of floor space. It is more than a worthy successor to the original Model 75.

Special Features

Design: Acoustic suspension, time coherent, crossover-less woofer, second order crossover to tweeter, two-way with built in active acoustic suspension subwoofer
Drivers: 1 inch textile dome tweeter, 8 inch painted paper cone woofer, 8 inch painted paper cone subwoofer
Crossovers:12 dB to the tweeter, crossover-less woofer, active subwoofer
Wiring: Mulch-strand copper to tweeter, woofer, and subwoofer.
Connectors: Fully insulated, gold plated five-way bi-wire  binding  posts

Connections to amplifier: via speaker level inputs.

NSMT Model 75

"The quality of the bass regarding how quick/tight/tuneful and extended was visceral in nature. I heard it as much as I felt it in my gut."

"This is a speaker that can pass on any transient with accuracy and a sense of "aliveness" which brings the fun of the music to the listener."


Technical Data

Dimensions: height 42 inches; 9.5 inches wide; 9 inches deep
Frequency Response: 26 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 2.5 dBs
Sensitivity (monitor section): 96.5 dB 1 watt/m
Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended Power: 5 - 200 watts
Standard Finishes: red birch plywood. Other finishes available at additional cost.
Cabinet construction: sealed anti-resonant natural plywood with medium density CARB 2 fiber board bracing .
Shipping weight: 52 pounds each
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Subwoofer Amplifier Features

Auto-on power switch controlled by input signal
Continuously variable crossover from 40 Hz to 200 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Volume control to adjust output
Overload and thermal and fuse protection with output relay
Gold plated RCA line level input and output connectors
Removable IEC type power cord

Power requirements: Switchable, 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 



NSMT Model 75

Amplifier Specifications:

Power Output @ 4 Ohm (RMS) 300 Watts

Standby @ Auto Det. Circuit Load <0.5 watt

Total Harmonic Distortion <1%

S/N Ratio @ Rated Power >90dB

Input Sensitivity @ High Level: 3.0V/ 50Hz

Input Sensitivity @ Low Level: 210 mV/ 50Hz

Variable Phase Control: 0 to 180 degree

Operating voltage: 1.) 115Vac +/- 10%
                              2.) 230Vac +/- 10%




NSMT original Model 75


Some sentimentality is involved in reintroducing the Model 75 to the line because the original Model 75 was the first speaker sold commercially by then NSM Loudspeakers. It was sold by Performance A/V on Sunrise Highway in Merrick, Long Island, New York in 1990/1991, to a customer (Mr. “T”) who A/B-ed the Model 75s against his legendary Bose 901s. He traded in the Bose 901s for the Model 75s. That was quite a confidence booster for a new start-up.


Mr. “T” subsequently bought other speakers from us. He called in 2020, during the Covid pandemic, to inquire how we were doing. He left a message saying he was not calling to buy new speakers because we made them “too damn good.” He still had all the speakers he bought from us and was enjoying his Model 75s.


Mr. “T's” Model 75 had no logo or no fancy brochure, what it had in spades was performance: imaging, soundstaging, and bass response. In a demonstration at a new Jersey dealer one customer remarked that the Model 75 was imaging on the next block.


The original Model 75 was a 47 X 9 X 10 inches (H X W X D) four-way acoustic suspension loudspeaker that used two sub-enclosures to enhance its bass response and an integral sand filled base to dampen and stabilize the cabinet. Its frequency response was shaped by second order, bandpass, and fourth order crossovers.


With the 1999 move of the company from New York to North Carolina, the Model 75 fell out of rotation as we shifted towards manufacturing smaller first-order, two-way loudspeakers.


All NSMT loudspeakers now are essentially two-way acoustic suspension or transmission line loudspeakers. Our conclusion is that, barring single driver loudspeakers, which have high frequency limitations, two-way acoustic suspension and two-way transmission line loudspeakers stand alone is their capacity to deliver sheer magical reproduction of a soundstage. They have better transient response which contributes to better imaging and better resolution of low level detail.