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New Passive Model 100

Model 100

We are pleased to introduce a passive version of the Model 100. We have long thought about how we could reduce the price of entry for our much heralded Model 100.

 The passive Model 100 is essentially the same as the Model 100 with the exception that the subwoofer is passive. The performance specifications are roughly the same as those for  the active Model 100 set to our recommended settings. In addition, the passive Model 100 is designed  so that the active subwoofer feature can be added later.

In general, the price of the passive Model 100 is $2,000 per pair less then the Model 100s with active subwoofers. The prices are: $9,995 for black and light wood, $10,495 for natural birch plywood or red birch plywood, and $10,995 for sapele plywood. Other finishes  and options are available at additional cost. Kindly email us if you have questions.