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Modified Lepai Amplifier: Concept and reviews

NSMT Modified Lepai amplifier PFO best of best award

“...hard to believe."
(Positive Feedback first review, Issue 66)

“When NSMT tells you on their website that 'We have modified the amplifier to improve its bass performance, to improve the definition of its soundstage, improve its dynamic punch, and to improve its high frequency detail and its musicality,' you better believe it.”
(Positive Feedback second review, Issue 69)

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A big thank you to Francisco Duran and Positive Feedback for their second review of the NSMT Modded Lepai amplifier

A big thank you to Francisco Duran, Editor Dave Clark and the staff of Positive Feedback Online for their second review of our modified Lepai amplifier. You can read the latest review here and the previous review here.

NSMT Modded Lepai amplifier

Since the amp was sent to Francisco Duran we have improved the performance of the amplifier by adding a 5 AMP power supply (Francisco reviewed the amp with a 3.5 AMP power supply). We have also upgraded the cabinet as can be seen in the picture above.