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The NSMT Model 30M Tower Speaker

The New 30M

Compact transmission line tower with extraordinary imagining and bass response

NSMT Model 30M
shown: natural birch

Price: $3,995 per pair.


Frequency Response: 27 Hz to 20,000 Hz +/- 3.5 dB


(NOTE: lead time is currently 2 weeks for satin black and 3 weeks for all-wood)

We use our proprietary eighth-wave, tuned port, transmission line design to deliver stunningly extended, linear frequency response, and dynamic power from a very compact 40 X 8.5 X 9 inches, 102 X 22 X 23 cm (H X W X D) cabinet design, that is time coherent, minimalist first order (three crossover elements), and a perfect point source.

NSMT 30M transmission line port

The NSMT Model 30M is a time coherent, point source, first order, two-way transmission line tower loudspeaker that delivers a stunning 27 Hz to 20,000 Hz plus and minus 3 dB performance in a very compact design. It is designed to reproduce music with superior musicality, coherence, spatial presentation, speed and tonality. The sound is open and powerfull. The 30M captures every nuance of music to accurately convey the emotionalism and spiritualism of the performance.

Other loudspeaker manufacturers may achieve this level of performance with several drivers, but the 30M is implemented with a single concentric two-way driver that employs a one inch soft dome tweeter and  and a 7.5 inch TPX woofer. TPX, although expensive, is one of the best sounding cone materials available. This concentric driver array is known for its musicality, for deliveing a purity of sound, and for rendering an integrated soundstage that must be experienced to be appreciated.


The cabinet of the 30M features an innovative new design with no sharp edges. Integral fabric softens its looks as well as sonically treats the cabinet to prevent refraction. The 30M with its small foot print ( 8.5 X 9 inches) and good looks is an excellent accent to any decor.

In the tradition of breakthrough products, the 30M skillfully blends performance characteristics that were previously thought to be contradictory: It is revealing, but musical; dynamic, but refined. It is obvious, but enigmatic. It has to be experienced to be believed.

NSMT 30M terminals

Special Features:

Magnetically shielded, time coherent, concentric, point source, driver array
 Time coherent, point source, first order, two-way eighth wave transmission line design
Drivers: concentric 7.5 in cast magnesium frame TPX woofer, 1 inch soft dome tweeter
Crossovers: Laminated metal core copper inductor, polypropylene capacitor by-passed with film foil capacitor, metal oxide resistor
Superior(TM) insulated gold plated five-way binding posts
Cabinet: Black lacquer painted 3/4 inch formaldehyde-free anti-resonant mediate board and black fabric applied as a veneer
Wiring: Silver plated copper to tweeter, multi-strand copper to woofer
Warranty: 5-year limited

Optional Grills: $200 per pair



Technical Data:

Dimensions: 40 X 8.5 X 9 (H X W X D)
Frequency Response: 27 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3.5 dB
Bandwidth (-10 dB): 24 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB 1 watt/m
Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 6.5 Ohms
Recommended Power: 30-200 watts
Weight: 40 pounds each