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The latest NSMT Lepai amp mod

The NSMT Modified Lepai amplifier

Version: 8-12-2013

Latest NSMT Lepai Mod

Note the new cabinets have rounded edges at no additional cost over the previous.



We offer both banana terminals and five-way binding posts


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Our modified Lepai amplifier reviewed by Positive Feedback had a 2 amp power supply. Since the review we have been shipping the amplifiers with a 3 amp power supply. As of 4/15/2013, all amplifiers have a modification to reduce the noise floor in the amplifiers and to reduce noise from the pots. This mod is mostly important to people who use the tone controls. Our latest modifications (Ultimate mods) include an optional 3.5 amp power supply and optional 5-way binding posts.

We provide the amplifier with either the five-way binding posts or the banana connectors. If you plan to transport the amp regularly, we recommend the amp with banana plugs because the terminals are less prone to damage.

The cabinets are sealed with a non-toxic sealer and painted with several coats of "certified green" water based paint. Each coat is hand sanded before the other coat is applied. The cabinet is now health-friendly, eco-friendly and stunning --- worthy of a keepsake. 

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