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The Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker System Is Here

Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker

Price: $2,995

Color: red birch and satin black.

The new Model 50/Jamaica Active wireless speaker system offers all the stellar performance of the Model50/Jamaica with additional features that allows it to provide the utmost flexibility in use. 

The NSMT Model 50/Jamaica Active speaker employs a built-in 60-watt integrated amplifier (30 watts RMS per channel).The amplifier has WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay wireless inputs built in. It also has wired inputs for auxilary RCA, 3.5mm Stereo, Optical: S/PDIF Toslink plus a subwoofer output (LFE). 

With a speaker sensitivity of 101 dBs, the Model 50/Jamaica Active system can easily be driven to loudness above 100 dBs with as little as 2 watts RMS. Therefore 30 watts RMS provides the Jamaica Active speakers with an almost limitless dynamic headroom.

Most importantly, the Model 50/Jamaica Active speakers can be used as a pair of passive speakers with the identical performance of the Model 50/Jamaica.

Flip a switch and transform the speakers into a pair of passive Model 50/Jamaica speakers that you can partner with your favorite SET or solid state amplifier. 

Simplified two channel hometheater anyone? The Model 50/Jamaica Active is not just a great audiophile speaker system, it can also double as a home theater system. Simply connect your TV to the Model 50/Jamaica Active. No receiver or processor needed. The Model 50/Jamaica Active has serious low bass so may not need a subwoofer.

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