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NSMT Model A100 Amplifier


NSMT Model A100 Amplifier

"This is one damn fine amplifier!" 
(customer comment)


*Note the power supply for this amplifier is sold separately. It is available from the dropdown menu.

"I am so excited about this amplifier I don’t know where to start. First and foremost is its surprising performance. Secondly is the price." (positive-feedback)



"It sounded clear, clean and detailed with an open soundstage."

"I have been pleased beyond

expectation with the A100. It images superbly, offers tremendous dynamic

range, idles as "quiet as the grave," and features superb frequency


(customer comment)

"I had to significantly turn up the gain on the Marantz to reach the same volume levels as when the A100 was in the system."


"Vocals and instruments ... have a natural tone.".

"...I am driving the amplifier with a Schitt Modi DAC.  It's a great combination!"
(customer comment)

"The top end sounds polished and clean." 

"...the amp is an astonishing improvement over the Dayton DTA-120, which is not at all bad in and of itself."
(customer comment)

The A100 tracks dynamics with a tight grip.

It "sounds more open, out of the box and dynamic - quite impressed/surprised" compared to the Dayton DTA-120
(dealer comment)

 "The one thing this amp has over "conventional" solid state and especially tube amplifiers is (it produces no) heat."

"This little amplifier from North Carolina performed way above and beyond what is expected in a $149 amplifier." 

"...this amplifier is loads of fun to play with and listen to for a price that is too small to argue about." 


NSMT A100 amplifier

Satin black: 149.45
Baltic white birch plywood: 159.45
Shipping and handling in the USA: $14.50


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Given the evolving nature of wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth that are used to drive amplifiers, we decided not to "buy in" to any technological standard but to develop a great sounding minimalist amplifier that allows the user to connect through a wide variety of wireless sources, such as the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Chrome Audio, or to connect to the amplifier directly via its RCA or 3.5 mm inputs.

The A100 is a modified 100 watt per channel stereo amplifier featuring the TPA3116 chipset with dual-core technology for high efficiency, low heat, and accuracy.

We modified the amplifier to improve its bass performance, the definition of its soundstage, its dynamic punch, and to improve its high frequency detail and its musicality.

As a result, the A100 is a very musical amp with extraordinary imaging and soundstaging and a very tubelike sound. And yet, for a digital amplifier, it has exceptional dampening factor that allows it to drive even some difficult to drive loudspeakers. Moreover, we have teamed the A100 with a switch mode 24 VDC, 5 AMP AC to DC power supply to extricate the maximum wattage from it.

The A100 features gorgeous, health friendly and Eco-friendly, non-toxic, retro,  Baltic white birch plywood or satin black MDF cabinets.

We have tested our modified A100 amplifier with a wide range of speakers against some highly regarded amplifiers, many times its price. Our conclusion is that the A100 is an amazing amplifier, especially if you feed the A100 a quality signal, such as through a DAC.


Modified Digital Power Amplifier featuring TPA3116 chipset with dual-core technology for high efficiency and low heat 
Power output: 2 X 100 watts per channel
Signal to noise ratio: 100 dB
Input impedance: 51 k ohms
Output impedance: 4-8 ohms
Electrical requirement: 24VDC @ 5A center pin positive (included)


Switch mode 24VDC, 5 AMP AC to DC power supply

5 amp power supply  with barrel connector, the inner diameter is 2.1 mm, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm.

Input voltage: 100~240VAC. Plus 6 foot detachable grounded power cord.

5 amp power supplypower cord


AC input via IEC type power connector
CE and RoHS compliant
Meets CEC and Energy Efficiency Level V requirements
Meets FCC Class B regulations
Tip polarity: Positive
Safety features: Automatic Overload cut-off. Automatic Thermal cut-off. Short circuit protection.


Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use)

Dimension: 150 x 65 x 38 mm 
Output Voltage and Amps: DC 24V 5A
Output connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm


30 day money back warranty

6 month replacement warranty against defects

The amplifier is not returnable if it has s been tampered with or damaged.



MasterSource Speaker Wire

MasterSource speaker cable in an additional mod to further enhance the bass and imaging performance and high frequency definition of our A100 amplifier.

"it sounds excellent! ... gives me that extra punch and crispness that I like, but with a more solid bottom end than the silver-plated copper I was using before."

"I noticed improved tonal color, increased dynamics, more of a metallic sound, as well as slight gains in purity and transparency."

Honda6, Audiogon review

"Just wanted to let you know that the MasterSource speaker cables are sounding great. Soundstage is deeper than the other cables I was using - which were very high-end priced cables. Thank you for a great product."

(Lundval Mastering Company)


Buy MasterSource speaker cables here.