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"...crafted with jewel-like precision."
(Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound)

"... the little 10 is capable of creating ... a spatial elusion ... "
(Martin DeWulf, Bound for Sound)

"How good are these speakers?...Very good indeed....Am I selling my Gallo Ref 3's? No. ... but for now I'm in sonic bliss."

"Absolutely astonishing!"
(Stereo, Germany, review of NSMT10S with Linn Classic)

(Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, Britain)

"...can put to shame a great many larger loudspeakers with its unpretentious musicality."
(The Absolute Sound)

" is so smooth that I began to refer to it as tubelike." 
(Doug Schneider,

"...smooth and extended highs with superb imaging..."
(D.B. Keele, Jr., Audio)

"Best speaker in its price range" 
(Stereo, Germany) 

"It makes you believe that the performers are right in front of your eyes with such pinpoint soundstaging that every position and movement is palpable and seems touchable." 
(Stereo, Germany)

"Compares favorably to the Waveform Mach MC, Mirage MRM-1, Revel Performa M20 and Merlin TSM-SE; 'if you're seeking all-out minimonitor performance, put the unique Masteringource 20M on your list.'" 
(Doug Schneider,

EXP Mini-subwoofer
 "... lots of both mid-bass omph and low end grunt..."
Positive Feedback Online

"The quality of the bass that the EXP delivers is just like that of the 5 and 10S -- tight and tuneful."
(Doug Schneider,

"...the EXP is on the money with solidity and control and proves ideally matched to NSMs speakers." 
(Doug Schneider,

"The EXP is an elegant-looking package that's attractive enough to sit out in the room..." 
(Doug Schneider,

EXP & Model 5 subwoofer satellite system
"...this system sounded almost as good as my $10k system."
(Richard Cook,

15EXP Subwoofer
"...the lower registers of [Dark Side of] The Moon played through the 15EXP were downright menacing."

"Quite obviously the 15EXP has been designed for listening to music... with its unusual front port and hidden driver it is quite obvious that the 15EXP is not your brother-in-laws' subwoofer – 'just listen to that bass..."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

15EXP Subwoofer and 20M Armada System
"I purchased a complete 20M Armada system over a year ago which I use daily for audio mastering. This system has simply allowed me to get closer to creating a perfectly balanced master than I ever thought possible."
Kurt Lundvall, Lundvall Mastering


Model 5 (special order) Review of Model 5 Review of Model 5 Review of the Model 5 theater system (scroll down on Review of the Model 5 and EXP subwoofer satellite system 
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Model 5SE (special order)

Positive Feedback Online Review of Model 5SE and EXP subwoofer Satellite System


Model 10 (special order only) Review Model 10


Model 10S
Read 3/31/09 review of the Model 10S Armada System on Speaker Asylum
(10S Armada System with two subwoofers)  Review of Model 10S by Firebird

2/26/07 Review by George Stewart on "Bookshelf Speakers for Standout Systems." Review of Model 10S  Reviews of Model 10S (5 reviews all rated 5 out of 5)

German Magazine Fono Forum: Review of Model 10S

German Magazine Stereo: Review of Model 10S


Model 15 

German Magazine Stereo: Review of Model 15 Review Model 15


Model 25 (discontinued)

The Audiophile Voice: Review of Model 25

Stereo Review:   Review of Model 25


Model 50 (discontinued)

Stereo Review:  Review of Model 50  Reviews of Model 50 (2 reviews)

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EXP Subwoofer

Positive Feedback Online Review of EXP and Model 5SE subwoofer satellite system Review of EXP mini subwoofer Review of EXP-5 subwoofer satellite system 
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 15EXP Subwoofer Review of 15EXP and Role Audio Theater System

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See also comments by Kurt Lundvall of Lundvall Mastering



Mastering Series

Model 20M

 Review by

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Review by

See also review of 20M Armada System

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Model 100M

Mastering Series By NSMT Model 100M review by


Model 20M Armada System

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