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The Model 100

Incredible resolution, imaging, soundstaging, and bass response

NSMT Model 100

Shown: satin black   

"... the deepest most powerful ... drum whacks that I have ever heard."

" ...detail without fatigue."

Read review of the Model 100 by Positive Feedback 



"...intelligently designed, ... These are the most solidly built speakers I have ever seen."

"These speakers have the ability to wring out the minutest of detail without fatigue."

"...the M100's reproduced the deepest most powerful most realistically textured bass drum whacks that I have ever heard."

"...on the Jack Johnson CD, Sleep through The Static, I noticed dynamic shifts and emphasis in his vocals through the track, "All at Once" that I have never quite heard before." 

 "Bass sounded solid, taut and extended. My notes read, "very close to a live Jazz combo in my room".

"Bass notes came out not too tight, not bloaty but just right. Bass noted sounded full, deep ... the M-100's handled the dynamics from the piano and upright bass with solidity and finesse.

"The NSMT M-100 loudspeakers are among many things a master of dynamics. They reproduce music with a high degree of resolution. They are capable of reaching their rated frequency response specs with ease."

 "It goes without saying that movies were a lot of fun running through these speakers."

 [The M100 are] "...very capable of competing with speakers quite a bit more expensive than their asking price."

(Francisco Duran , Positive Feedback, Issue 92, 07-01-2017)

The NSMT Model 100 is a hardcore audiophile loudspeaker that combines a time coherent, first order, positive polarity, two-way acoustic suspension monitor loudspeaker with a bandpass subwoofer in a single compact cabinet design. The Model 100 features a 1 &1/8 inch hand coated textile dome tweeter, an 8 inch broad band woven carbon fiber driver and a 10 inch paper cone subwoofer. The tweeter is positioned where it is perfectly timed aligned with the carbon woofer driver. The bandpass subwoofer is vented to the front of the cabinet for seamless integration.  

The Model 100 delivers stunning performance from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It is designed to reproduce music with superior musicality, coherence, spatial presentation, dynamics, speed and tonality. It is a powerful compact loudspeaker that captures every nuance of music to accurately to convey the emotionalism and spiritualism of the performance.

The Model 100 skillfully blends performance characteristics that were previously thought to be contradictory: It is revealing, but musical; dynamic, but refined. It has to be experienced to be believed.

NSMT Model 100 frequency response

NSMT Model 100

Custom: satin black and red birch plywood

What makes the 100M resolution exceptional and its performance electrifying is that the carbon fiber driver is crossover-less and covers the fundamental frequency range of  most instruments and voices from 35 Hz to 4,750 Hz. There are no crossover induced phase or frequency abnormalities to muck up the sound in the most significant part of the audio spectrum. The tweeter covers the harmonics of instruments and voices from 4,7500 Hz to 20,20,000 Hz. It is seamlessly integrated with the carbon fiber driver response with a 6 dB slope crossover. The subwoofer provides low bass reinforcement from 20 Hz to 200 Hz. All three drivers are wired in positive polarity to preserve the waveform of the original music source.

NSMT Model 100

Model 100A With Active Subwoofer

The Model 100 offers more

Powerful speakers are usually impossible to lift. Not so the Model 100. Although compact,  the Model 100 weighs 75, and 85 pounds with active bass. Nobody wants to lift a 75 or 85 pound loudspeaker to position it for optimal in room performance or for floor cleaning. Therefore we design the Model 100 with steel ball rollers affixed to the base, which provides sonic isolation from the floor as well as allow the speaker to be pushed around. When it is time to reposition the Model 100 or to clean the floor, no lifting is necessary. And for those music lovers and audiophiles who favor using spikes to isolate the speakers from the floor, we have installed receptacles in the base for 1/4-20 threaded spikes.

You will notice that the Model 100 has no pronounced “new speaker” smell. That is because we manufacture the Model 100 with non-toxic methods and materials so that there is no out gassing of toxic fumes. The Model 100 is Eco-friendly and health-friendly.


The standard finish for the Model 100 is satin black top and bottom panels with black cloth applied as a veneer. The deluxe finish is satin black with red birch side panels. Because we manufacture our own cabinets we can offer the Model 100 with a custom finish of your choice.

NSMT Model 100

The Model 100 is made to order with a delivery time of two to three weeks.

Special Features

Design: Acoustic suspension, time coherent, first order, two-way  with built in bandpass subwoofer
Drivers: 1&1/8 inch textile dome tweeter, 8 inch woven carbon fiber woofer, 10 inch paper cone subwoofer
Crossovers: single film foil capacitor to the tweeter, single air core copper inductor to the subwoofer (passive Version)
single film foil capacitor to the tweeter (active version)
Wiring: Multi-strand copper to tweeter, woofer, and subwoofer. All drivers connected in positive polarity.
Superior Electric BP30-2BR-B fully insulated, gold plated five-way bi-wire/bi-amp binding  posts

Connections to amplifier via speaker level inputs.


Technical Data

Dimensions: height 44 inches; Base -14 inches wide by 14.5 inches deep; Top Panel -12 inches wide by 11 inches deep
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 91 dB 1 watt/m
Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended Power: 50-200 watts
Shipping Weight: 80 pounds each

Cabinet construction: sealed anti-resonant medium density CARB 2 fiber board and natural birch plywood. The front of the cabinet is slanted 2 degrees, from the bottom to top to help align the acoustic centers of the drivers and the subwoofer output and to eliminate standing waves in the cabinet.

Finishes: Satin black (black fabric covered cabinet with satin black end caps) and satin black with certified "green" natural birch plywood side panels.

Warranty: 10-year limited except for five-year warranty on subwoofer amplifier.


Same as Model 100 except connections to amplifier by speaker level inputs or speaker level and RCA.

Active Bandpass Subwoofer Section
200 Watt amplifier
10 inch long-throw treated paper cone woofer*
Auto-on power switch controlled by input signal
Phase reversal switch 0° ~ 180°
Continuously variable crossover from 50 Hz to 120 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Volume control to adjust output
Overload and thermal and fuse protection with output relay
Gold plated RCA line level input and output connectors
Removable IEC type power cord
Discrete TO-3P output devices
THD: Less than 0.05%
S/N ratio: Greater than 85dB
Power requirements: 120VAC, 60/50Hz

Shipping weight: 92 pounds each