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Want a small active desktop/bookshelf speaker that does not need a subwoofer? This transmission line delivers.

Get a great price on this pair of new B-stock AX-5

NSMT Model AX-5

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Get a great deal on B-stock active Chorus

Nothing you have heard prepares you for the Chorus!

NSMT ChorusNSMTChorus

1 pair available
A complete, pure audiophile active, wireless, music system with finesse and power for everyman from the most sophisticated audiophile to the DJ. Available with custom or metal stands as shown. With 96 dBs efficiency it can deliver 115 dBs SPL. It can play a den or an auditorium.  Amplifier: 2 x 30 Watts RMS (Class D). Inputs: AUX 1: 2 x RCA, AUX 2: 3.5mm Stereo, Bluetooth, WiFi, S/PDIF Optical Toslink.

Easily mounts on wall with hangman brackets (included)!

Get solo or with custom adjustable height  metal stands!

Condition: new, minor paint issues

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Regular price one pair Model 30M: $2995. 


The New 30M

Compact transmission line tower with extraordinary imagining and bass response

It checks all the boxes for audiophile nervana!

NSMT Model 30M

1 pair B-stock available as shown.

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Your chance to get a pair of  PSM-SE Super Monitor at a great price!

NSMT PSM-SE Suer Monitor


PSM Super Monitor Review
“...when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and micro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either... The PSB Synchrony One, valued at $5,500 per pair, and the Acoustic Zen Technologies Adagio, valued at $4,500s.” (both floor standing loudspeakers)

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