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Regularly $2,495 Sale $1995 Sale Ends 6/30/24

NSMT Model 50





Regularly $1,295 Sale $995 Sale Ends 6/30/24



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NSMT Model

Model 15SE

"...a bargin."
(The Absolute Sound)


"got me as close to the music as any system I’ve heard"
(The Absolute Sound)


"If I had to sum up the sound of the 15SE in one word it would be "right."
(The Absolute Sound)

New B-stock Model 15SEs are available in natural cherry. Read excerpts from the latest review here. Read more about the Model 15SE here.

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New B-stock at a bargin price. Red birch pair sold! Only cherry remain.
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One pair B-stock silver Bossa Novas


NSMT Bossa Nova

New $695. B-stock $350





Get a great deal on a near perfect pair of the legendary NSMT Model 10S

NSMT Model 10S

Read more about the Model 10S here.


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The Bass Foundation Subwoofer

"A Candidate for best subwoofer."

NSMT Bass Foundation Subwoofer

(One new B-stock available in excellent condition. )

The Bass Foundation Subwoofer will produce powerful, articulate low bass, magically integrate with your speakers, widen your soundstage, and significantly improve imaging!

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Incredible Deal On Black B-Stock PSM Monitors

NSMT PSM MonitorRed PSM speaker

Available: Black pair and single Red speaker.

One pair of black and a single red B-stock available (The red makes a great center channel for home theater. With all three as front home theater speakers, a subwoofer is not mandatory)

Frequency Response: 30Hz to 20Khz

“when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and macro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either... the PSB Synchrony One ... and the Zen Technologies Adagios.” (both floor standing speakers)

( review)

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NSMT Chorus SystemNSMT Active Chorus SpeakerNSMT EXP-8 Subwoofer

The Chorus-EXP-8 Active System with WiFi, remote control, and Bluetooth connectivity and custom Stands

You won't believe how good this system sounds! At a blowout price!.

Sale price $1,195


Great system for two channel home theater and for music streaming!

A complete active system comprising the Chorus Active speakers and the EXP-8 subwoofer ofgfers the utmost flexibility. You can use it wired or wireless via WiFI App or Bluetooth. It produces massive open non-fateguing sound with incredable imaging and can play any sized room.

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.NSMT Model 20M

The Model 20M

"...its imaging performance among the best I’ve heard."

Regularly $4995, Sale price $2995



Add a 15EXP subwoofer for an even more an incredible audiophile system!

Get one of the legendary imaging and soundstaging loudspeakers in excellent condition. One pair available with or without matching black speaker stands.

Images better than Revel Performa M20

Images better than Mirage MRM-1

Images better than the Merlin TSM-SE

Images at least as good as the JMlab Mini Utopia

"...its imaging performance among the best I’ve heard."

(Doug Schnider,

Read more here

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NSMT Model AX-5


Want a small active desktop/bookshelf speaker that does not need a subwoofer? This transmission line delivers.

Regularly $895, Sale price $495






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All B-Stock speakers covered by our full new speaker warranty, no re-stocking fee, and free UPS shipping in US!