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NSMT Model 20M

Get a deal on the new TPX Model 20Ms in Satin Black, as shown.

New, flawless --you can also purchase a pair of sand-fillable NSMT Sandbags (TM) stands, specifically designed for the Model 20M, as shown, for $295, a $695 value.




"The best speakers I’ve heard in my room in terms of imaging have been the Waveform Mach MC and the ultra-expensive JMlab Mini Utopia. In this regard, the 20M at least equals these fine speakers."

Doug Schneider

"The NSMT 20Ms ... [is] truthful portal to the spiritual, sensual, emotional, exuberant and universal language that music is. So much so, I purchased the 20Ms and look forward to using them as my new reference."

Russell Lichter, Stereo Times (


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Your chance to get a pair of  PSM-SE Super Monitor at a great price!

NSMT PSM-SE Suer Monitor

PSM Super Monitor Review
“...when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and micro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either... The PSB Synchrony One, valued at $5,500 per pair, and the Acoustic Zen Technologies Adagio, valued at $4,500s.” (both floor standing loudspeakers)

See a discussion and posts by a PSM owner here

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One Week Special Promotion on the amazing Bassa Novas

You wont believe the dynamic imaging, bass and holographic soundstate that comes from this small speaker.

NSMT Bossa Nova
Standard Bossa Nova
Surprising bass response!

NSMT Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova with 50 watt per channel stereo Bluetooth amplifier

A teriffic full range small white tower speaker with built in 50 watts per channel Bluetooth digital amplifier. 


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Sandbags 30 sand fill-able speaker stands

Sandbags speaker stands


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 Put a fortress under your small minimonitor



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