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CLairvoyant Monitor
Shown on NSMT's Sandbags 24 inch stand.

Introductory price per pair: $7,495






The Clairvoyant is a powerful, dynamic, full-range, two-way, point source, high resolution, acoustic suspension loudspeaker with trancendent  performance.


In general, the best two way loudspeakers are cherished for their accurate spatial presentation, and their tonal and timbral accuracy. However, the magic of two-way loudspeakers is often circumscribed because two-way loudspeakers tend to have limited bass extension and dynamic performance.


The Clairvoyant transcends the limitations of the two-way loudspeaker by using a recessed soft dome tweeter that is tightly surrounded by two eight inch paper cone woofers that move a lot of air and handle dynamics on par with most floor-standing speakers. It uses first-order crossovers employing only a single capacitor and inductor to produce linear, extend frequency response-- evidence of a well executed design. No attempt is made to foster or exaggerate low bass response with the crossover. Because of this, its presentation is as relaxed as that of most large multi-way loudspeakers but the Clairvoyant has the imaging, transparency, and soundstaging elan of the best small mini monitor.


To develop the Clairvoyant, we relied on our thirty-four years experience producing some of the most reviewed and critically acclaimed two-way loudspeakers in the industry including: the Skiff, Kayak, and Sampan FTL in our Role Audio brand, and  NSMT's Model 10S, Model 15, Model 20M and the PSM Super Monitor.


In designing the Clairvoyant, the goal was to continue pushing the envelope and develop a loudspeaker that has unprecedented resolution, even more so than our much heralded Model 100.


As a stand alone system, the pedigree of the Clairvoyant is obvious, and its performance can be extended with our Bass Foundation and Sub Duo subwoofers in our System One and System Two modular pedestal systems that enhance its imaging, soundstaging and dynamic performance.



Design: Two-way acoustic suspension
Drivers: Two 8 inch woofers with 1&1/8 inch ferro-cooled soft dome horn tweeter
Frequency response: 45Hz–20kHz 

Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 94 dB 1 watt/meter

Suggested minimum amplification: 5Wpc
Dimensions: 12″ x 22″ x 15″ (W X H X D)
Recommended speaker stands: Approx. 24″ to bring tweeter to approximate ear level (We suggest using our Sandbags 24 inch stands).
Weight: 48 lbs.
Price per pair: $7,495 (black and maple, black and oak)
Finish: Black with maple, birdseye maple, red oak, and black painted oak side panels

*We manufacture all our cabinets in-house and can offer the Clairvoyant in a custom finish of your choice.




Design: time aligned, point source, first order, two-way acoustic suspension

Drivers: Two 8-inch paper cone woofers and 1&1/8 inch soft dome tweeter

Crossover components: Film-foil capacitor and perfect lay air core inductor.

Symmetrical matching of critical values for all components for the utmost imaging and soundstaging

Connectors: Single wire insulated five-way gold plated binding posts (Optional Bi-wire/Bi-amp terminals at extra cost)

Cabinet: anti-resonant MDF and plywood

Finish: Non-toxic, eco-friendly, paint

Wiring: multi-strand copper to woofer and tweeter

Warranty: 5-year limited


Bass Foundation and Sub Duo Subwoofer Integration.

For both the System One and System Two, we recommend that the Clairvoyants run full-range. We provide specific recommended volume and crossover frequency settings for each system. In both cases we recommend crossover settings for the subwoofers that are as high as possible while maintaining neutral overall frequency response.

Our Bass Foundation and Sub Duo subwoofers expand the soundstage and increase imaging of loudspeaker systems because they are designed as wide band bass reinforcement systems that reproduce the ambient sounds and spaciousness of the recording venue. The The Bass Foundation and Sub Duo subwoofers integrate especially well with Clairvoyant speaker because of the Clairvoyant's excellent low bass roll-off pattern. For best performance we recommend using two subwoofers however the Clairvoyant's performance will improve with the addition of single subwoofer.



Clairvoyant System One

A pair of Clairvoyant Monitors with two black Bass Foundation Subwoofers.

System 1



The design of the Bass Foundation subwoofer is based on the design of the subwoofer used in our Model 100 speaker.

With regard to the bass prowess of the Bass Foundation subwoofer, Francisco Duran of Positive Feedback magazine noted that the drum whacks produced by the Model 100 were "... the deepest most powerful ... drum whacks ..” that he had ever heard."

Terry London notes: "I have ... two pairs of excellent subwoofers... perfectly dialed-in ... they extended the bass .. but never filled in the power foundation and did not transform the small monitors into the illusion of a full range floor-standing model.” like the NSMTs. (Terry London, Stereotimes)

Others who have heard the Model 100 and commented on Audiogon Forum have described the bass of the Model 100 as “otherworldly” and the best bass they have heard. The Bass Foundation subwoofers will not only enhance the dynamic prowess of the Clairvoyant monitors,  they will magically extend the soundstage and improve imaging as well.




NSMT Clairvoyant
Clairvoyant monitor on top of Sub Duo subwoofer





The Sub Duos create an even larger soundstage with the Clairvoyants. The Sub Duos transcend the performance of other subwoofers by incorporating two bandpass chambers each driven by a 10 inch woofer. The woofers are powered by our modified full-featured 250 watt, class AB amplifier. Think of the Sub Duo as a design that essentially incorporates two of our Bass Foundation Subwoofers in a single cabinet.

The Sub Duo has incredible focused low bass energy to load (pressurize) any listening space. The Sub Duo produces the kind of high impact, accurate, articulate, extended bass with a level of refinement and excitement that few subwoofers can match.

NSMT Systems 2 back



Clairvoyant System Two

Clairvoyant monitors on stands with Sub Duo Subwoofers



NSMT Sandbags Sand-fillable 24 inch Speaker Stand

24 inch Sandbag Stands

Price per pair:$995

"The stands, which are pre-weighted and fairly heavy, complement speakers well." (The Absolute Sound)

Read more about sandbags stands here.


Subwoofer Amplifier Features (System one and System Two)


Modified 250 Watt Class A/B amplifier
10 inch long-throw treated paper cone woofer/s
Auto-on power switch controlled by input signal
Continuously variable crossover from 40 Hz to 180 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Frequency response: variable +/- 3 dBs 24 Hz to 145 Hz
Volume, phase and crossover controls to adjust output
Overload and thermal and fuse protection with output relay
Gold plated RCA line level input and output connectors
Removable IEC type power cord
Discrete TO-3P output devices
THD: Less than 0.05% S/N ratio: Greater than 85dB
Power requirements: Switchable input voltage 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty.