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Clairvoyant Systems


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NSMT Clairvoyant Monitor
Shown on NSMT's custom stand.

"I was struck by an electro-static like transperancy that offered more clarity than any other speaker I have ever had in my reference system." (Stereo Times)

Price per pair: $8,975
(Introductory price ended 1/15/2024. Price does not include stands)





The Clairvoyant Monitor is a two-way, first-order, acoustic suspension, high resolution loudspeaker. It is designed designed for use as a full-range standalone loudspeaker, or to be complemented by our Bass Foundation and Sub Duo subwoofers in our Clairvoyant System One and Clairvoyant System Two pedestal subwoofer satellite systems.


In general, two-way loudspeakers are cherished as the purest loudspeakers because of their accurate spatial presentation, and because of their tonal and timbral accuracy. However, the magic of two-way loudspeakers is best enjoyed in modest proportions because they tend to have limited bass extension and limited dynamic performance.


The Clairvoyant Monitor uses two eight inch paper cone woofers to move a lot of air and to handle dynamics on par with most floor-standing speaker. No attempt is made to foster or exaggerate low bass response with the crossover. Because of this, its presentation is as relaxed as that of most large multi-way loudspeakers. Its low bass response is an impressive 45 Hz.  And it has the imaging, transparency, and soundstaging elan of the best small minimonitors.


The Clairvoyant Monitor produces extended hard-hitting bass with 'aliveness' and speed and requires no subwoofer to pressurize smaller to medium acoustic spaces.


"The Clairvoyant Monitor speakers produced the most spacious, airy three-dimensional soundstage that transcended my listening space boundaries. Where ever the music was recorded, be it a recording studio, symphonic hall, jazz club, or outdoor stadium, the monitors took you to that location to a degree that made it easy to believe you were in that venue listening to that live performance...By themselves, the Clairvoyant Monitor speakers are a world-class full-range monitor design." (Stereo Times)


The Clairvoyant Monitor dynamics, speed, aliveness, and "purity in tonality and richness in timbres, image solidity/density," holographic soundstaging, and transparency will draw you emotionally into the music.



Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 94 dBs 1/watt/m

Minimum Impedance: 4 ohms

Dimensions: 22 X 12 X 16 (W x H X D)

Cabinet Construction: tuned cross-braced plywood and MDF panels

Finish: Plywood side panels and satin black MDF front, top, back, and bottom panels

Recommend amplifier: 5 - 200 watts

Shipping Weight: 45 pounds each



System Price: $10,395

(System consists of Two Clairvoyant monitors and two black 15 EXP subwoofers.)

"...the lower registers of [dark side of the moon] played through the 15EXP were downright menacing." Dr. Jeff rabin,

Read more about the 15EXP








NSMT Clairvoyant System One

Clairvoyant Monitor shown on optional NSMT Sandbags stands with Bass Foundation Sub

"The hallmark of the Bass Foundation Subwoofer is its ability to integrate seamlessly with both large and small loudspeakers." (Stereo Times)

System price: $12,575 (System includes two Clairvoyant monitors and two black Bass Foundation subwoofers. Stands are not included.)




The Bass Foundation subwoofer takes the dynamics, spatiality and soundstaging of the Clairvoyant Monitor to a higher level.

It seamlessly integrates with the Clairvoyant Monitor to form a system that has greater dynamic authority, with greater imaging and transparency.

The Bass Foundation subwoofer design is informed by our 15EXP bandpass subwoofer and the bandpass subwoofer design in the Model 100. In his review of the Model 100 Terry London noted that the bass produced by the Model 100 in his vast listening space was ".. somewhat shocking." Others who have heard the Model 100 and commented on Audiogon Forum have described the bass of the Model 100 as “otherworldly” and the best bass they have heard.

The Bass Foundation subwoofers will not only enhance the dynamic prowess of the Clairvoyant monitors,  it will magically extend the soundstage and improve imaging as well.



Frequency report: 24 Hz to 20 kHz

Dimensions (W X H X D): 12 X 22 X 15 (Clairvoyant Monitor)

                                         12 X 25  X 12 (Bass Foundation Subwoofer)

Shipping weighty: 45 pounds (Clairvoyant monitor)

                             54 pounds (Bass Foundation subwoofer)

Warranty: 5-year limited Warranty


See Bass Foundation Subwoofer Amplifier Specifications Below





NSMT ClairvoyantMost Wanted Speaker
Clairvoyant monitor on top of Sub Duo subwoofer

Read the review!

System price:$16,195

(Introductory price ended 1/15/2024. All systems with matching subwoofer colors)




The Sub Duo scale-up the dynamics of the Clairvoyant Monitor and has the transient speed and quickness to match the monitors and blend seamlessly into the lower midrange/upper bass frequencies, "which allow the upper frequencies even to have a higher degree of purity, tonality, and color." (Stereo Times) Because of this the Sub Duo magically extends the soundstage of the Clairvoyant Monitor.


The Sub Duos transcend the performance of other subwoofers by incorporating two bandpass chambers each driven by a 10 inch woofer. The woofers are powered by our modified full-featured 250 watt, class AB amplifier. Think of the Sub Duo as a design that essentially incorporates two of our Bass Foundation subwoofers in a single cabinet.


The Sub Duo has incredible focused low bass energy to load (pressurize) any listening space. The Sub Duo produces the kind of high impact, accurate, articulate, extended bass with a level of refinement and excitement that few subwoofers can match.


"On Telarc recording of composer Camille Saint-Seans' Symphony No. 3 Organ by the Philadelphia... The "System Two effortlessly ... pressurized my colossal 1,300 ft listening space to where I viscerally felt the sound pressure hitting my chest and vibrations through my listening couch. No distortion or attenuation at the highest peak volume levels!" (Stereo Times)


"This combo is the most  exciting and emotionally satisfying pair of speakers I have ever had in my reference system...The System Two combo is my new reference speaker and will not be leaving my abode." (Terry London, Stereo Times)

NSMT Systems 2 back


Frequency response: 22 Hz to 20, kHz

Dimensions (W X H X D): 12 X 22 X 15  (Clairvoyant monitor)

                                         12 X 36 X 15 (Sub Duo)

Shipping Weight: 45 pounds each (Clairvoyant)

85 pounds each (Sub Duo)

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty



Clairvoyant System Two

Terry London's reference system: Clairvoyant monitors on stands with Sub Duo Subwoofers



NSMT Custom Metal Stand and NSMT Sandbags Sand-fillable NDF 24 inch Speaker Stand

NSMT Clairvoyant custom stand24 inch Sandbag Stands


"The  Sandbags stands, which are pre-weighted and fairly heavy, complement speakers well." (The Absolute Sound)

Read more about sandbags stands here.


Subwoofer Amplifier Features (System one and System Two)


Modified 250 Watt Class A/B amplifier
10 inch long-throw treated paper cone woofer/s
Auto-on power switch controlled by input signal
Continuously variable crossover from 40 Hz to 180 Hz at 24 dB/octave
Frequency response: variable +/- 3 dBs 24 Hz to 145 Hz
Volume, phase and crossover controls to adjust output
Overload and thermal and fuse protection with output relay
Gold plated RCA line level input and output connectors
Removable IEC type power cord
Discrete TO-3P output devices
THD: Less than 0.05% S/N ratio: Greater than 85dB
Power requirements: Switchable input voltage 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty.