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The NSMT 15EXP Subwoofer


"...the 15EXP is not your brother-in-law's subwoofer - just listen to that bass..."

(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

NSMT 15EXP subwoofer

The NSMT 15EXP Active Bandpass Subwoofer

Frequency Response (changable): 27 Hz to 185 Hz +/- 3 dB,  23 Hz to 200 Hz +/- 5 dB

Dimensions: 18 X 12 X 15 inches, 46 X 30 X 38 cm (H X W X D)



Read about how the design of the 15EXP's impacts its performance 



Exerpts from Reviewer's and Customers Comments

"... when it comes to integration, few subwoofers integrate as well as the 15EXP, for that totally immersive music or theater experience."

"...the lower registers of [Dark Side of] The Moon played through the 15EXP were downright menacing."

(Dr. Jeff Rabin,


"A subwoofer to die for."
(customer comments) 


A subwoofer that is accurate enough to be used for mastering?

Here is what one of the best audio mastering engineers has to say about the 20M and two 15 EXP subwoofer Armada System

"I purchased a complete 20M Armada system over a year ago which I use daily for audio mastering. This system has simply allowed me to get closer to creating a perfectly balanced master than I ever thought possible."
Kurt Lundvall, Lundvall Mastering


["NSMT's]... 15 EXP Subwoofer is not a Subwoofer for the head banging brigade.... What it will do is enhance your existing system with greater bass extension and present a more realistic window into your source material without ever drawing (undue) attention to itself."

(Dr. Jeff Rabin,


"Quite obviously the 15EXP has been designed for listening to music... with its unusual front port and hidden driver it is quite obvious that the 15EXP is not your brother-in-laws' subwoofer – 'just listen to that bass..."

(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

"Fantastic subwoofer - makes organ music sound like you are hearing it in a church."
 (customer comments)


"The 15EXP did not so much guild the lily or draw undue attention to itself as it put meat (but little fat) on the bottom line making cellos more convincing, drums more striking, and even vocals more realistic."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

"I did find the 15EXP quite a bit easier to integrate into my system than has been my previous experience with subs."


This is what Jeff Rabin Ph.D. said about a Role Audio theater system based on the earlier version of the 15EXP : "...I was astonished to find myself within a seamless, natural and forgettable immersive musical environment that had depth, ambiance, imaging power, subtlety and a naturalness.."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,



If you listen to stereophonic music or play music with your home theater system even occasionally, you should use the NSMT 15EXP subwoofer. The 15EXP subwoofer designed firstly to play music and to reproduce all the nuance and speed of recorded bass while its powerful performance makes it an excellent choice for home theater system. Unlike most conventional subwoofers, the 15EXP does not rely on electronic controls and amplification to shape its response. It relies primarily on the harmonious relationship between the driver and the enclosure, the result of a well executed design.

Depending on the crossover setting, the new 15EXP's quasi anechoic frequency response (lab response) is variable from 23 Hz to 200 Hz +/- 5 dB or from 27 Hz to 185 Hz +/- 3 dB. A linearity that few subwoofers can match. We know some manufacturers make outrageous claims about their subwoofer's response that are not borne out in technical reviews. We guarantee the lab response figures for the 15EXP.

The quasi anechoic or "lab" response of the 15EXP indicates that with room reinforcement the 15EXP should provide powerful usable bass response down to 16 Hz. Moreover, the response of the 15EXP is not forced primarily by electronic controls but by the natural response of the driver and the well matched bandpass enclosure, which produces a flat response with a natural 12 dB per octave response, which combined with the 12 dB per octave response of the subwoofer amplifier yields a 24 dB per octave roll off pattern.


NSMT 15 EXP sub rear view

The 15EXP subwoofer: $1,495 each


   250 watts high headroom amplifier
   Continuous phase adjustment for the best possible integration with your speaker system
  10 inch long-throw paper cone woofer
   Auto-on switch controlled by input signal
   Continuously variable active crossover switch from 40 Hz to 120 Hz
   Combined bandpass enclosure and crossover roll off 24 dB/octave  
   Line level and speaker level inputs
   Line level and speaker level outputs
   Vented band pass design produces extended flat bass response    which is ideal for music and home theater systems
   Front port allows near wall placement

   Certified "green" no urea-formaldehyde CARB-2, eco-friendly, and health-friendly cabinet, with non toxic paint. 
Satin black top, front and bottom panels, black fabric covered side panels