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The NSMT Chorus Loudspeaker

Nothing you have heard and nothing you have seen prepares you for the Chorus SE!


NSMT Chorus SE with grill


A medley of power and finesse

It can play whisper quiet or extremely loud.

Shown: Chorus SE (Spanish cedar cabinets, magnetic grills)

Standard version of the Chorus here. 

Price: $1,495 per pair


The Chorus SE is a hardcore audiophile loudspeaker that is designed for music lovers, theater enthusiasts, Single Ended Amplifier aficionados, recording engineers, musicians, live music fans, DJ s, and loud music fans. It is an audiophile loudspeaker with the power and finesse to play just about any venue. It images on par with or better than some of the best minimonitors It is also health friendly and Eco-friendly, and suitable for nearfield listening, far-field listening, gaming, home theater, recording studios, concert halls, discos, churches, and schools.

The Chorus SE like all NSMT loudspeakers is designed for the holy grail of audiophile listening. It is a minimum phase, time coherent, two way design with the drivers wired in positive polarity to preserve waveform. There is no crossover to the woofer and only a 6 dB per octave crossover to the tweeter. It can be driven by any amplifier from a single-ended triode to a 600 watt solid state.

It produces a humongous wide and deep soundstage, a spectacular midrange, it reproduces vocals beautifully, and projects sound with the authority that makes every recording sound live.

The Chorus is one of the most versatile loudspeaker ever made. It is designed to work well on walls, near walls, or in the middle of a room.  It can play any venue from a den to an auditorium.


Sensitivity: 96 dB

Tweeter and woofer both connected in positive polarity (preserves absolute polarity from microphone to loudspeaker)

Time coherent, minimum phase design

Crossover-less woofer, first-order crossover to tweeter. (Tweeter implemented with single capacitor)

8 inch paper cone woofer

1 inch soft dome tweeter

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Minimum impedance: 4.5 ohms

Multi-strand OFC copper wire to woofer and tweeter

Health friendly and Eco-friendly

Bi-wireable and bi-ampable

Removable speaker grill

Optional custom floor stands and "Hangman" wall brackets available


Dimensions: 30 X 9.5 X 4.5 inches (H X W X D)
                        76 X 24 X 11 cm

Bandwidth: 35 Hz to 20 kHz (frequency coverage)
                       +/- 3.5 dB 42 Hz to 20, kHz (measured on wall)

Weight: 21 lbs standard Chorus, 22.5 lbs Signature

Read press release regarding the Chorus here