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The NSMT Model 25/Chorus Loudspeaker


"... the Chorus Loudspeakers really beat my Maggies in terms of stereo image."

NSMT Chorus


Price per pair: $1,295

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Combining power and finesse

Shown: satin black and red birch.
Ships with outriggers and deluxe spikes as shown.


Comments from Mel Martin's review of the active version of the previous Chorus:

"I really wasn’t quite prepared for the excellent performance of these speakers, in particular the palpable 3D stereo image that the Chorus speakers created in my listening rooms. Imaging is the ‘holy grail’ of speaker design, and NSMT has achieved this elusive capability just right."

"... the Chorus Loudspeakers really beat my Maggies in terms of stereo image."

"... the KEF LS-50 speakers...($1500 per pair) ...were bested by the Chorus Loudspeakers in terms of depth and instrument placement."

"With a rated sensitivity of 96 dBs (now 98 dBs), the speakers could easily be driven to 100db, something I confirmed with an SPL meter. The speaker specifications say a user can reach that volume with only 5 watts from the included amplifiers, and my experience bears that out."

"... the NSMT Chorus powered wireless speakers are an outstanding value."

Read press release regarding the Chorus Loudspeaker here.

The Chorus is available with bult-in active 60 watt amplifier with WiFi, Bluetooth and apt control here.


The NSMT Model 25 AKA Chorus is a versatile hardcore audiophile loudspeaker that is designed for music lovers, theater enthusiasts, Single Ended Triode amplifier aficionados, recording engineers, musicians, live music fans, DJs, and loud music fans. It is a time coherent, two way, design. It is powerful with extraordinary imaging and soundstaging. It images on par with some of the best minimonitors. It has neutral frequency response even when measured at two feet from the baffle, which makes it suitable for nearfield listening, gaming, home theater, recording studios, concert halls, discos, churches, and schools. It can play whisper quiet or very loud, and it can be driven by any amplifier from a one watt SET amplifer to a megawatt solid state amplifier.

How can a compact loudspeaker be suitable for nearfield audiophile listening, gaming, home theater, studio monitor, concert halls, discos, churches, schools?

The Chorus can play all these venues because of its unusual combination of finesse and power. The Chorus features a crossover-less, painted paper cone woofer that reproduces 40 to 8,500 Hz frequencies, all the fundamental frequencies of music, and integrates seamlessly above 8,500 Hz via a 12 dB per octave crossover to the tweeter.

It can can be driven by any amplifier from a one watt single-ended triode to a high powered solid state. It has a humongous wide and deep soundstage, a spectacular midrange, images on par or better than some some highly rated minimonitors, it reproduces vocals beautifully, and projects sound with the authority that makes every recording sound live. It can play any venue from a den to an auditorium.


 NSMT Chorus


Sensitivity: 98 dB

Time coherent, minimum phase design

Crossover-less painted paper cone woofer, second-order crossover to tweeter.

8 inch paper cone woofer 1 inch soft dome tweeter

Rated impedance: 8 ohms Minimum impedance: 4.2 ohms

Multi-strand OFC copper wire to woofer and tweeter 

The Chorus is available with 1/4-20 threaded retainers on the back panel that are spaced four inches apart to facilitate attachment to optional custom floor stands, optional metal telescoping stands, articulating tilting and swivel TV wall mounts, and custom "Hangman ASM6-2" wall brackets.

NSMT Chorus


Dimensions: 38 X 9.5 X 4.5 inches (H X W X D) 96.5 X 24 X 11 cm

Frequency Response:40 Hz to 20 kHz 
                                   48 Hz to 20, kHz 
+/- 3.5 dB 

Sensitivity: 98 dB 1 watt/meter

Rated Impedance: 4 ohms/8 ohms

Minimum DCR: 4.0 ohms

Recommended Power: 1 to 250 watts

Weight: 21 lbs each (standard Chorus)





NSMT Model 25

Here is some of what Julian Hirsch had to say about the original Model 25 in his January 1993 review in Stereo Review magazine:

"You could not ask for a more listenable speaker." "The Model 25 sounded very easy, clean, and smooth. There was no apparent excess or deficiency in any part of the audio spectrum, and its sound stage was superb."

"Their room response was exceptionally flat and smooth..."

"Our composite response curve..was flat within +/-3 dB from 50 to 20,000 Hz. For most of that range the response was extremely flat..."

"Overall, the phase angle of the impedance varied smoothly between +30 and -45 degrees, with no evidence of sharp jogs, indicating resonance in the drivers or in the enclosure, that we've seen from many speakers in this measurement. The acoustic phase linearity was also good, with a group - variation of +/- 250 microseconds from just over 1,000 Hz up to 20,000 Hz."

When we last sold the Model 25 in 2005 its retail price was $1,295, the equavalent of $1,677 today.

We will continue to promote the Chorus with subsequent price increases until we reach roughly $1,700, the equivalent price of the original Model 25.