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The NSMT Jazz Loudspeaker

NSMT Jazz small tower speaker
The Amazing NSMT Jazz

Full range crossover-less loudspeaker



Frequency response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3.5 dB

87 dB efficiency

-6 dB relative to midband response at 1,000 Hz is 33 Hz

Dimensions: 37 X 3.5 X 3.5 Inches (H X W X D)

Shipping Weight: 15 pounds (pair)


The Jazz is designed to deliver stealth full range audiophile music. It may be used in a den, as rear channel home theater loudspeakers, or as a pair of nearfield monitors.  It features an amazingly innovative svelte design and it will reward the listener by producing remarkable full range non-fatiguing musical sound with excellent low bass response and a 360 degree enveloping soundstage. It is very easy to drive and will perform very well with low powered amplifiers because of it s crossover-less design.


The point source, single driver, transmission line design of the jazz means the sound is integrated no matter how close you sit. It is fairly immune from placement. And it is truly full-range. The Jazz is guaranteed to surprise!


The Jazz may be used as:
a pair of high end computer speakers
a pair of audiophile stereo speakers
a pair of front home theater speakers
a pair of rear channel home theater speakers
a pair of den speakers
a pair of desk speakers


NSMT JaZZ used as front home theater speakers


Customer Comments
"I stumbled on your web site, saw the JAZZ speakers and thought "What a cool looking pair of speakers that would pass the WAF with flying colors".....then I saw the frequency response and thought there was a typo - How could these small drivers go so deep?.....then I saw the price, so after an e-mail to reconfirm the specs, I couldn't resist giving these speakers a try. 
I hooked up the speakers today and temporarily disconnected the front and center channels, turned off the subwoofers, put in one of my favorite CDs..., plonked myself in the middle of the couch - WAIT something wasn't right - there was an rich full sound filling the room, and there is no way these speakers were managing this without help - I walked over to my subwoofers to turn them off, but they were indeed already off! After my years of being disillusioned by small driver satellite speakers, I was quite astounded by the richness and fullness of my Jazz music on the JAZZ." (customer)

"The Jazz... are wonderful to listen to. I am using them with my computer and a small 13 watt per channel hybrid tube amp. I am now cruious about some of your other speakers."


Price: $247.50 each, 495 per pair