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Capital Audiofest 2023

We are offering a 10% discount on all speakers for attendees to Capital  Audiofest 2023 (ends 11/30/23)
Clairvoyant System Two B-tock Avialable!

NSMT Clairvoyant System Two


Many thanks to the people who came to our room. The debut was great. Many people thought the Clairvoyant System Two were the best speakers at the show. Several people made return visits.

We used a near field setup with the Clairvoyant Monitors nearer to the center of the room and the subs behind them.  The sound was stunning. The Clairvoyants showed their prowess as near-field monitors producing a deep, holographic, soundstage, totally detached from the speakers. Great integration, great imaging.

People were surprised how the speakers disappeared despite how close they were sitting to the speakers. We demoed the Clairvoyants without the subs for several listeners who were surprised by their bass performance. Some notables from the industry came and stayed a long time. All in all, a great show.

Many thanks to our Chicago area dealer Mike Kay (847-687-4800) who loaned us the wonderful sounding SPL amplification, Black Cat cabling, and Puritan PSM 156 power conditioner. A special thanks to Koby of Hi Fi Logic (973-313-9080), our new Jersey/New York dealer, for driving down to help run the room and for providing the wonderful sounding Resolution CD  player and Aurender Music server. A big up to long time friend and former dealer Christopher who drove down from New York to help run the room. Could not do it without you!