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A Comment by one of our Model 100 Customers


"...these are the best speakers I have ever heard..."
NSMT Model 100

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today."

"I have been a musician for 40 years, professional for 25 so I know what every instrument sounds like in the real world and I play 11 instrumerns at a high level, exotic ones like Japanese shakuhachi flute, Turkish saz, Colombian tiple, and I play guitar and sing, I do rock, blues, reggae, calypso, oldies, etc. I know music inside and out and these are the best speakers I have ever heard hands down. I’ve also recorded in the studio and done tons of home recording so I am a recording engineer and with these speakers every instrument sits in the mix perfectly, just the way the engineer recorded it, it’s unreal how accurate they are. And as a musicain and engineer I understand what a mix is better than a non musician -I've mixed many many songs in the last 40 years, and my ears are perfect, I hear what's on the recording the way it was intended to be heard.The soundstage is perfect also, wide and deep. I had the Grand Veenas--awesome speakers and I had the Tekton Double Impact SEs, even better, but they do not copmpare to the 100s. I’ve had them just shy of two months and every time I listen to them I shake my head in awe. They do everything right, I feel they are totally neutral, they do not add or take anything away from the music. I listen to albums I’ve been listening to for 35-40 years, Sabbath, Zep, Floyd, etc, and it’s almost like listening to them for the first time, it’s amazing and astounding. I like my system to sound natural, like real music which is why I hate Krell, Magico, and Wilson, they do not sound natural, they sound cold and analytical which is the opposite of good sound. I could go on and on but I won’t just get them you will not regret it. And if someone thinks these are not amazing speakers they don’t have good ears it’s that simple. These are objectively incredible speakers." Read more here.