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The first review of the new Model 100 is in.

NSMT Loudspeakers Model 100

A big thank you to Terry London and Six Moons for Terry's review of the Model 100. Can a modestly priced "box" speaker take on the  imaging prowess of the omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 MKII? We invite you to read here for yourself and to hear the Model 100 and decide for yourself.


Bass performance is the main determinant of the suitability of a speaker for any room size. With its flexible adjustable bass output, the Model 100 easily fits any room. And its low bass prowess and its ability to pressurize any room will shame many speakers with 15 inch woofers.


Terry describes how the Model 100's has the ability to replicate the original time/space of the musical event with a kind of wrap-around holographic immersion that he has only heard in one other speaker: the MBL Radialstrahler E101 MKII.


More recently Terry noted that "...the Model 100s  [is] "mesmerizing" because of the factors that everyone so far has experienced. First, holographic sound-staging, that encompasses you in the music.  Secondly, the purity/beauty of the colors/tonality in the mid-range.  Thirdly, the sheer overall power of the speaker and the deep and accurate killer bass and how it loads the room with sub-sonics that give you a sense of where the recording was made."


We welcome comparisons to any speaker at any price, with regard to bass performance, musicality, imaging, soundstaging, and value.