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Is the Model 100 the Best Speaker on the Market Today?

NSMT Model 100

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today." (barany/Audiogon)


Feedback is coming in. So how does the Model 100 stack up against some highly regarded speakers?

Tekton Design Ulfberht:

The Model 100 has better bass, loads the room better, better tonality, and better imaging:

"The bass was great on the Tektons but the bass on these is otherworldy, it's the best I've heard."

"...this speaker (Model 100) was much better than the Tekton ULFS..." (barany/Audiogon)

Harbeth 40.2

The Model 100 has similar tonality but better imaging and way better dynamics:
"I still think of them as Harbeth 40.2 with "balls." If you know what Harbeths offer regarding color/tonality and imaging, the Model 100 has these qualities with even betteer dynamics and deep low end extension."

Omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 MK II

Similar imaging, better dynamics:

"...the Model 100 demonstrated one of its special qualities by how it could replicate the original time/space with wrap-around holographic immersion for a you-are-there sense that was greater than I ever experienced from a box speaker. The only times previously I heard this was from a pair of omnidirectional MBL Radialstrhler E1O1 MKII so yes, I'm talking soundstaging." (Terry London, 6moons)