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The new Chorus inspired by the Model 50 is here!


NSMT Chorus speaker

"... the Chorus Loudspeakers really beat my Maggies in terms of stereo image."


The new Chorus/Model 25 reflects the summation of what we have learned over the years about delivering large scale dynamics in compact designs.

It is 97 dBs efficient and can be driven by anything from flea watt SET amplifiers to high powered solid state amplifiers. It can out-image the best minimonitors and it can handle any genre from rock to classical to dub reggae.

It is 4.5 inches deep by 37 inches high by 9.5 inches wide (excluding the outriggers). It is designed to complement today's flat screen TVs.

Frequency response: 37 Hz to 20,000 Hz.


What are the major improvements?

For one, the bass response has been vastly improved. It is now very close to that of the Model 50. The Chorus is now freestanding without the need of a speaker stand. The tonal balance has been improved. And the imaging and soundstaging which were always superlative have been improved. Other than its audiophile prowess, the Chorus/Model 25 is a powerful speaker with very impressive bass response that is only 4.5 inches deep (without the outriggers) which makes it an excellent choice as front speakers for today's flat screen TVs. The active version of the Chorus/Model 25 is even more impressive as front home theater speakers. Imagine a complete powerful audiophile HiFi system for $1,795 that has a "subwoofer out" connection if one is needed, into which you can feed your TV audio signal. With WiFi, cell phone app control, and IR remote control. The active Chorus/Model 25 has it all.