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The NSMT A100 goes up against Marantz and Margules

NSMT A100 amplifiers

A big thank you to Francisco Duran and for their review of the A100.

In its toughest comparison so far the $149 A100 went up against Francisco's tricked out $3000 Marantz amplifier and his Margules U280SE tube amp with quad KT-88s and 12AU7s. The result: The $149 A100 did not outperform Francisco's reference amps but Francisco liked the A100 so much he bought it.

Francisco noted that  the A100 "sounded clear, clean and detailed with an open soundstage." And that, "Vocals and instruments have a natural tone." He also noted that the A100 tracks dynamics with a tight grip and "The top end sounds polished and clean." 

He noted that unlike conventional solid state and especially tube amplifiers amplifiers, the A100 had no heat and that the A100 "performed way above and beyond what is expected in a $149 amplifier.".