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Stereo Times Reviews the Model 20M Armada System

NSMT 20M Armada System

Many thanks to Terry London and Stereo Times for their review of the 20M Armada System.

A sample of Terry's comments:

"Every review I have done on NSMT Loudspeaker's models, from the least expensive to the top line references, has provided me with music pleasure in three key areas:
All of the NSMT speakers offer beautiful/natural tonality, timbres, and colors of musical instruments.

All are "champs" at sound staging and imaging.

Mr. Rickett's is a world-class master at transmission line loading/bandpass subwoofers, leading to deep, accurate bass with subsonic extension that can load and surprisingly pressurize a room, based on the size of the cabinet." 

"The 20M Armada effortlessly, even at very high volume levels, allowed the percussive bass drum kicks to fill my acoustic space. The deep extension of the B-3 Hammond organ's bass pedals notes was extremely hard-hitting, but tonality was accurate. I was feeling the psychical ambient air pressure waves as much as hearing the bass notes."

"One of my veteran audiophile friends tried to describe how the 20M Armada sounded to him. He came up with, "it has the speed and details of a big electrostatic panel, with more accurate sized images, but with "big balls" bass and dynamics."

Terry also tested the ability of the Bass Foundation Subwoofer to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of monitors "...composed of speakers from $600 to $6000 in price from Canton, Wharfedale, Sonus Faber, Harbeth, Role, and Mhi." including the dimunitive Role Audio Skiff

Here is what he discovered:

1) The NSMT active bandpass subwoofer was very easy to tune in for optimum performance with each monitor because of its excellent adjustments regarding crossover settings, phase adjustment, and volume levels.

2) If you were blindfolded and did not know you were listening to a small two monitor design with the 20M Amada pedestal, of course, you would swear you were listening to a full-range floor-standing speaker or large panel design with unlimited dynamics and sub-sonic bass extension.

3) With the 20M Amada active bandpass subwoofer pedestal, each monitor's voicing was not lost or interfered with. Still, the power foundation of the lower mid-range and upper bass frequencies was blended seamlessly with that monitor speaker. 


In this regard the Bass Foundation Subwoofers outperformed his highly regarded $12,000 pair of subwoofers.

Read the review here.