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Thanks to Terry London and Home Theater Review

NSMT Model 50/Jamaica

Many thanks to Terry London and Home Theater Review for Terry's review of the Model 50/Jamaica. While modern technology has shrunk most consumer electronics, monstrous speakers are still needed to reproduce "live" sound. The Jamaica speaker is a powerful compact speaker designed to replace much larger and more expensive speakers.

We initiated extensive research and many innovative manufacturing processes to bring you a beautiful, powerful, efficient, affordable, compact speaker with the dynamic prowess that allows it to replace much larger speakers. At the same time, the Jamaica speaker checks off every requirement in the holy grail of accurate sound reproduction including being time coherent, minimum phase and a point source.

In addition, it embodies our innovative proprietary Dual Transmission Line (DTL) approach to bass production and our design principle of avoiding using crossovers in the frequency range of the fundamental frequencies of musical instruments and voices. Our DTL design approach allows us to crossover the woofers to the tweeter at 5,500 Hz. This eliminates crossover induced phase anomalities and soundwave discontinuities in the fundamental frequency region. 

The efficiency, soundstaging, and dynamic prowess of the Jamaica allows it to be many great speakers rolled into one. It is designed to handle any genre, from Reggae Dub to Classical music and everything in between. Terry's review shows the Jamaica speaker shines brilliantly as a SET speaker even driven by as little as one watt. 

Among its comments:

"...the Model 50 produced thunderous bass and never lost its composure at very high listening levels."

"The Model 50 produced a soundstage ...totally transcending the walls of my listening space."

"To think you can get full range extension on the top and bottom and thunderous dynamics with less than four watts at over 100dB sound pressure levels is amazing."

To the question asked on " you have anything negative to say about them? Terry answered, "... no..."

Some people will not believe this level of performance is possible from a speaker of this size and driver configuration and some will miss how great the Jamaica speaker is because of its low price. But sometimes you get more than you pay for.

Terry's review shows the Jamaica speaker punches way above its price and size in looks, performance, and style. It has already outperformed some much larger, more expensive, "reference" speakers. Overtime people will realize how great this speaker is. You are invited to compare it to any speaker.