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A big thank you to Francisco Duran

A big thank you to Francisco Duran, Editor Dave Clark and the staff of Positive Feedback Online for their second review of our modified Lepai amplifier. You can read the latest review here and the previous review here.

Since the amp was sent to Francisco Duran we have improved the performance of the amplifier by adding a 5 AMP power supply (Francisco reviewed the amp with a 3.5 AMP power supply). We have also upgraded the cabinet as can be seen in the picture below.

Look out for an upcoming active version of the Sampan FTL in our Role Audio brand powered by the latest version of the modded Lepai. We have taken two stellar products and combined into a marvelous new product.


New stand for the Chorus, another view


Sensitivity: 96 dB

Positive polarity to preserve waveform

Time coherent, minimum phase design

Crossover-less woofer, 6 dB first order crossover to tweeter


We have designed a new stand for the Chorus that is more end-user friendly. In its basic configuration, with spikes attached, the tweeter of the chorus is 34 inches from the floor. The speaker, and therefore the tweeter, can be repositioned up to two inches higher.

The stands cost $295 per pair. They require the installation of 1/4 - 20 threaded inserts into  the sides of the Chorus (two per side). The Chorus can be easily retrofitted with inserts to accommodate the new stand.

The NSMT Modified Lepai amplifier


Latest NSMT Lepai Mod


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The cabinets are sealed with a non-toxic sealer and painted with several coats of "certified green" non-toxic paint. Each coat is hand sanded before the other coat is applied. The cabinet is health-friendly, eco-friendly and stunning --- worthy of a keepsake. 

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Read review of PSM Super Monitor on


Read review of PSM Super Monitor on

A few excerpts:

"...its bass extension and weight are world-class, which means that a

subwoofer would not be necessary for home theater applications."

"...when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and macro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either...

 the PSB Synchrony One, valued at $5,500 per pair, and theAcoustic Zen Technologies Adagio, valued at $4,500. Both of these are floor-standing speakers..."

PSM Super Monitor