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The Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker System Is Here

Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker

Price: $2,995

Color: red birch and satin black.

The new Model 50/Jamaica Active wireless speaker system offers all the stellar performance of the Model50/Jamaica with additional features that allows it to provide the utmost flexibility in use. 

The NSMT Model 50/Jamaica Active speaker employs a built-in 60-watt integrated amplifier (30 watts RMS per channel).The amplifier has WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay wireless inputs built in. It also has wired inputs for auxilary RCA, 3.5mm Stereo, Optical: S/PDIF Toslink plus a subwoofer output (LFE). 

With a speaker sensitivity of 101 dBs, the Model 50/Jamaica Active system can easily be driven to loudness above 100 dBs with as little as 2 watts RMS. Therefore 30 watts RMS provides the Jamaica Active speakers with an almost limitless dynamic headroom.

Most importantly, the Model 50/Jamaica Active speakers can be used as a pair of passive speakers with the identical performance of the Model 50/Jamaica.

Flip a switch and transform the speakers into a pair of passive Model 50/Jamaica speakers that you can partner with your favorite SET or solid state amplifier. 

Simplified two channel hometheater anyone? The Model 50/Jamaica Active is not just a great audiophile speaker system, it can also double as a home theater system. Simply connect your TV to the Model 50/Jamaica Active. No receiver or processor needed. The Model 50/Jamaica Active has serious low bass so may not need a subwoofer.

Want to get a hint of how well the Model 50/Jamaica Active system works? Read the review of our active Chorus speaker here.

Read more about the Model 50/Jamaica Active here.

Introducing NSMT's Jamaica Speaker System


The new Model  50/Jamaica speaker system is a powerful speaker that is designed to replace many monolith speakers.


NSMT model 50

transparent, revealing, musical, powerful



Dimensions: 42 X 9.5 X 8.75 (H X W X D)

Sensitivity: 101 dB

Frequency response: 28 to 20,000 Hz

Proprietary short dual transmission line design 

8 inch paper cone woofers

1 inch soft dome tweeter

Time coherent, minimum phase design

Crossover-less broad band woofers, second-order crossover to tweeter.

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Minimum DCR: 7.7 ohm

Shipping Weight 60 lbs. each


Introductory Price

$1,795 per pair (single wire)

$1,895 per pair (bi-wire)




The previous NSM (NSMT) Model 50 was highly regarded. In his 1995 review of the Model 50, Julian Hirsch of Stereo Review had this to say: 

"The NSM Model 50, despite its conventional appearance, is not just another conventional column loudspeaker. The goal of its designers was to produce a "compact acoustic suspension system with the bass response of a subwoofer, and the imaging and soundstaging of a minimonitor."

"The Model 50's measured sensitivity was 85 dB, exactly as rated. The room response above a few hundred Hertz was very uniform and smooth, with a variation of only +2.5 dB from 300 Hz to 20 kHz."

"Even at 32 Hz, the output was only 6 or 7 dB below the average midrange level, and (as listening confirmed) it was perfectly audible and usable at that frequency."

"The Model 50's group delay (an indicator of its phase linearity) was among the lowest and most uniform we have measured to date, with a peak-to-peak variation of less than 0.2 millisecond from a few hundred Hertz to 20 kHz."

"All of this suggests that the NSM Model 50 is a very good speaker, which had been apparent from our first listening. How did it sound? For one thing, it was unobtrusive, in the sense that we were never particularly aware that the sound was emanating from those black boxes, even when quite close to one of the speakers."

"I suspect that the NSM speakers were the more "accurate" of the two..., and that its spatial performance was more realistic. I like sonically-unobtrusive speakers that do not call attention to themselves yet give a believable impression of a concert-hall performance. By those criteria, the NSM Model 50 is a great success. Hear it for yourself if you can."

When we ceased production of the Model 50 in 1998 its price was $1,795, which is equivalent to $2,785 today. Today we are introducing the Model 50/Jamaica, a very worthy successor to the original Model 50 at an introductory promotional price of $1,795. We will make subsequent price increases until we reach $2,785, the equivalent price of the original Model 50.

Our Outrigger kits will improve the performance of your small tower speakers

We are pleased to introduce our custom speaker outrigger kits. 

NSMT Loudspeaker Speaker Outriggers

Our outrigger and spike kits dramatically improve performance by rigidly coupling loudspeakers enclosure to floors to improve clarity and stereo imaging and to tighten bass response. 

They are especially effective on uneven floors and floors with thick carpeting. 

Read more here or visit our new accessories section.


Coming: A new Model 20M Armada Sysyem


NSMT 20M Armada Speaker System
Cabinetry: hand rubbed walnut plywood (also available in other finishes)

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Height 42 inches


The new 20M Armada speaker system is a combination of the latest version of our 20M minimonitor and our new active Bass Foundatioon subwoofer. Previously the 20M Armada system consisted of a pair or 20Ms, two 15 EXP subwoofers and a pair of custom NSMT Sandbags speaker stands, as shown here. Instead of stands and subwoofers the new 20M system uses two Bass Foundations subwoofers as platforms to create a transcendent high fidelity system.

The Model 100 Advances

NSMT MOdel 100

Shown: light sapele plywood 

"...these are the best speakers I have ever heard..."

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today."

Since Terry London's review of the Model 100 in Six Moons, we have made the following improvements to the Model 100. First, we replaced the 200 watt 115 volt subwoofer amplifier with a more powerful and more versatile 250 watt 115/230 volt amplifier. Second, we replaced the subwoofer with a more powerful paper cone subwoofer that has more linear frequency response and produces more lower bass energy. Third, we replaced the stamped steel frame woofer with its deluxe cast version which has a more linear response. As a result, the speaker with arguably the best bass on the market now has improved and more extended bass performance and improved performance across the board. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2.5 dBs. These improvements have been made with no increase in the price of the Model 100 so far.

With regard to cosmetics, we are now offering matching wood plinths with color coordinated ports as a $995 option. The Model 100 is now available in sapele, walnut, and natural birch plywood, and natural cherry and satin black MDF cabinets. Other finishes are available at additional cost.

We are offering WBT terminals as an option and we can accommodate your choice of optional crossover components.