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The cabinets are sealed with a non-toxic sealer and painted with several coats of "certified green" non-toxic paint. Each coat is hand sanded before the other coat is applied. The cabinet is health-friendly, eco-friendly and stunning --- worthy of a keepsake. 

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Read review of PSM Super Monitor on


Read review of PSM Super Monitor on

A few excerpts:

"...its bass extension and weight are world-class, which means that a

subwoofer would not be necessary for home theater applications."

"...when it comes to bass extension, ultimate dB levels and macro-dynamics, the PSM Super Monitor offers a higher level of performance than either...

 the PSB Synchrony One, valued at $5,500 per pair, and theAcoustic Zen Technologies Adagio, valued at $4,500. Both of these are floor-standing speakers..."

PSM Super Monitor