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NSMT Model 15


"...A Bargin"
(The Absolute Sound)
 NSMT Model 15SE
The NSMT Model 15 SE Ultra Definition Loudspeaker

"If I had to sum up the 15SE in one word it would be "right." (Steven Stone, The Absoulte Sound)
Price per pair: $1,995
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Please note we are out of stock of red birch and black Model 15SEs.**

The new Model 15SE is a much improved version of the Model 15SE and the Model 15 (formerly NSM Audio Model 15)The NSMT Model 15SE is a two-way, first -order, time-coherent loudspeaker system that reproduces music with the kind of ease, coherence, and exhilaration, that few loudspeakers can match. It is designed to please the most discriminating audiophile or recording engineer. It reproduces music with honesty and transparency, and accurately conveys the emotionalism of the performance.


The Model 15SE builds on the reputation of the previous Model 15SE by using a new paper cone woofer and new soft dome tweeter, improved time alignment of the drivers, and a re-worked crossover to improve bass reproduction, broad band neutrality and improved rendering of microdynamics.


After an exhaustive review of twelve of the best small two-way loudspeakers under $2,000, the German magazine Stereo declared the Model 15: “The best speaker in its price range." Fitting testimony to one of the great values in high-end audio. The new Model 15SE carries on in that tradition.

NSMT Model 15SE

The Model 15SE is gutsy and offers all the legendary magic of the well designed two-way loudspeaker. Although it captures the smallest details, it is warm and smooth. And it produces a wide and deep soundstage with pinpoint imaging. The accuracy of its tonal, timbral and spatial presentation is hard to beat at any price.


The Model 15 is one of those rare loudspeakers that accurately reproduces music to the extent it can make you believe that the performers are right in front of your eyes. Its pinpoint soundstaging makes every position and movement palpable and appear touchable.


If you seek music's essence and soul, and if you revel in acoustical space, the Model 15 is the right speaker for you. 


Excerpts from Reviews

"Best speaker in its price range" (Stereo, Germany)


"...these loudspeakers call attention to the music rather than to themselves." (The Absolute Sound)


"They convey the grace and gentility of the guitar in a way that only a good electrostatic or a great two-way can achieve."



" me as close to the music as any system I've heard-- whether room or nearfield." (The Absolute Sound.)


"It is warm without neglecting the fine details and it produces a very deep soundstage." (Stereo, Germany)


"In its bass response the 15SE is like a Role Audio Kayak, but with an extra octave on its low end." (The Absolute Sound)


"The 15s simply speak their musical language. They are truly gutsy little speakers." (


"The bass ... is smooth, without obvious irregular emphasis." (The Absolute Sound)


"It makes you believe that the performers are right in front of your eyes with such pinpoint soundstaging that every position and movement is palpable and seems touchable." (Stereo Germany)


"..the 15SEs image well, but it goes further." (The Absolute Sound)


"The glories of a two way monitor are found in truth of tone, timbre and spatial presentation. The NSMT Model 15s excel in each of these areas. (


"If you revel in acoustical space the Model 15 is for you." (Stereo, Germany)


Design: Time coherent, first-order, two-way acoustic suspension
Drivers: 1 inch soft dome tweeter, 6.5 inch paper cone woofer
Crossovers: Crossover-less woofer with 6 dB (first order) crossover to tweeter consisting of polypropylene capacitor and non-inductive wire wound resistor
Wiring: Multistrand OFC copper to woofer and tweeter
Cabinet: satin black 1 inch anti-resonant MDF board baffle and 3/4 inch veneered  MDF panels
Connectors: insulated five-way gold plated binding posts 
5-year limited warranty
Dimensions: 8 X 14 X 9.5 (W x H x D)
Frequency Response: 55Hz-20kHz, +/- 3.5 dB (quasi anechoic)
-10dB referenced to 1kHz: 44Hz.
Sensitivity: 87dBs 1/watt/m
Rated impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum impedance: 4.5 ohms
Cabinet construction: 3/4 inch veneered MDF or plywood panels with 1 inch MDF front panel
Available Finish: Satin black baffle and red birch or cherry side and back panels
Shipping Weight: 39 pounds per pair
Recommended amplifier: 20-200 watts