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The Absolute Sound Reviews the New Model 15SE


NSMT Model 15SE

The Absolute Sound's review of the Model 15SE which was published in the hard copy Absolute Sound magazine's April issue is now on line here. Many thanks to Steven Stone and the Absolute Sound staff for the review.

The review is a testament to just how right the latest evolution of the Model 15SE is. The Absolute sound describes the Model 15SE as a high end bargain.

Some snippets from Steven Stones' review:

"If I had to sum up the sound of the 15SE in one word it would be "right."

"The Model 15SE is more even in the lower midrange and upper bass than the LS3/5A."

"... the 15SE's upper frequency response managed to be resolving without sounding bright, and airy without sounding shrill."

"... it got me s close to the music as any system I've heard--whether room or nearfield."

" to my ears, the Model 15SE not only gets the lateral placement correct but also delivers the dimensional cues and boundaries of sources in an especially three-dimensional manner."

"... the 15SE will generate an extremely exciting soundfield."

You can read the review here.