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The Model 100 Advances

NSMT MOdel 100

Shown: light sapele plywood 

"...these are the best speakers I have ever heard..."

"These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today."

Since Terry London's review of the Model 100 in Six Moons, we have made the following improvements to the Model 100. First, we replaced the 200 watt 115 volt subwoofer amplifier with a more powerful and more versatile 250 watt 115/230 volt amplifier. Second, we replaced the subwoofer with a more powerful paper cone subwoofer that has more linear frequency response and produces more lower bass energy. Third, we replaced the stamped steel frame woofer with its deluxe cast version which has a more linear response. As a result, the speaker with arguably the best bass on the market now has improved and more extended bass performance and improved performance across the board. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2.5 dBs. These improvements have been made with no increase in the price of the Model 100 so far.

With regard to cosmetics, we are now offering matching wood plinths with color coordinated ports as a $995 option. The Model 100 is now available in sapele, walnut, and natural birch plywood, and natural cherry and satin black MDF cabinets. Other finishes are available at additional cost.

We are offering WBT terminals as an option and we can accommodate your choice of optional crossover components.