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Please note that in some cases our old company name ( NSM AUDIO) has not been changed over to NSMT Loudspeakers in some of these files yet. Although parts of these documents may be outdated, they are provided for your convenience.

Click "side 1" and "side 2" links below to print tri-fold PDF brochure of NSMT Line.
The brochure is 11 X 14 inches (legal size paper). Print one side then turn over the paper in the printer to print the other.

Click "Owner's Manual" to print the 16 page Owner's Manual on legal paper.
Print the first sheet (pages 16 and 1), then 14 and 3, then 12 and 5, then 10 and 7. Flip the sheets over and print pages 2 and 15, 4 and 13, 6 and 11, and 8 and 9. Fold the sheets into a booklet.


 NSMT LINE Brochure
(outdated )


side 1


side 2
16 (8.5 x 14) PAGES