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Positive Feedback reviews the Model 100

NSMT Model 100

"... the deepest most powerful ... drum whacks that I have ever heard." " ...the minutest of detail without fatigue."
"...built like the proverbial Abrams tank."

Our thanks to Francisco Duran of Positive Feedback for this thorough and insightful review of the the Model 100. Among his comments:

"...detail and dynamics sounded natural and not overdone for the sake of reproducing good stereo."

"These speakers have the ability to wring out the minutest of detail without fatigue."

"...the M-100 clearly showed me just how deficient my regular speakers handle deep bass on movies."

"Their reproduction of timber and tone is very natural and very realistic. And they are built like the proverbial Abrams tank. Mix that all together and you have one hell of a musical speaker very capable of easily drawing you into whatever you listen to with the greatest of ease."

(Francisco Duran , Positive Feedback, Issue 92, 07-01-2017)

One of the strengths of the Model 100 is that it can be driven extremely well by low powered and inexpensive amplifiers because of its built in active subwoofers and the efficiency of the monitor section. To prove the point Francisco Duran discribes how the NSMT modified Lepai amplifer outclassed all his reference amps driving the Model 100. He says:

"I heard an accurate tonal balance, natural timbres, nice decay of instruments and I could play the system as loud as I wanted with this little amp in the system thanks to the efficiency of the woofer/tweeter section of the M-100. Kicking in the subwoofers was icing on the cake. For sheer irony and bang for the buck, this was the best amp I used with the M-100's. Save yourself some money and invest in some kind of remote for the little Lepai because it doesn't come with one. While you're at it go and tell the emperor he is naked. This little amp can cook and it thoroughly embarrassed the hell out of the amps I have laying around my house."

(Francisco Duran , Positive Feedback, Issue 92, 07-01-2017)

Imagine, audiophile nervana with the Model 100 and the little NSMT Lepai.

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The NSMT A100 goes up against Marantz and Margules

NSMT A100 amplifiers

A big thank you to Francisco Duran and for their review of the A100.

In its toughest comparison so far the $149 A100 went up against Francisco's tricked out $3000 Marantz amplifier and his Margules U280SE tube amp with quad KT-88s and 12AU7s. The result: The $149 A100 did not outperform Francisco's reference amps but Francisco liked the A100 so much he bought it.

Francisco noted that  the A100 "sounded clear, clean and detailed with an open soundstage." And that, "Vocals and instruments have a natural tone." He also noted that the A100 tracks dynamics with a tight grip and "The top end sounds polished and clean." 

He noted that unlike conventional solid state and especially tube amplifiers amplifiers, the A100 had no heat and that the A100 "performed way above and beyond what is expected in a $149 amplifier.".



Introducing the NSMT A100 Digital Stereo Amplifier

NSMT A100 Digital Amplifier

The A100 is a modified 100 watt per channel digital stereo amplifier featuring TPA3116 chipset with dual-core technology for high efficiency, low heat, and accuracy.

The A100 features gorgeous, health friendly and eco-friendly, non-toxic Baltic white birch plywood or satin black MDF cabinets.

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Introducing the Model 100

NSMT Model 100

Incredible resolution, imaging, soundstaging, and bass response

We are excited to announce the availability of our new Model 100 loudspeakers. Those of you who have followed NSMT Loudspeakers closely will notice some similarity to the Model 100M loudspeaker that was offered in our Mastering Series. In fact, the Model 100 is inspired by the design of the Model 100M. The Model 100M is now discontinued as its performance is surpassed by the new Model 100 which is now offered in our performance series of positive polarity loudspeakers.

Our approach to designing the Model 100 was to design a no-compromise, high resolution, musical loudspeaker that checks off nearly every box in the holy grail of loudspeaker performance. As a result, the Model 100 is a time coherent, minimum phase, positive polarity, hybrid design combining a two way acoustic suspension monitor section with a bandpass subwoofer section that is informed by the design of our highly acclaimed 15 EXP subwoofer.

The Model 100 features a 1 &1/8 inch hand coated textile dome tweeter, an 8 inch broad band woven carbon fiber driver and a 10 inch paper cone subwoofer. The tweeter is positioned where it is perfectly timed aligned with the carbon woofer driver. The bandpass subwoofer is vented to the front of the cabinet for seamless integration.

NSMT Model 100

Cutting-edge resolution, imaging, soundstaging, and bass response

What makes the 100M resolution exceptional and its performance electrifying is that the broad band carbon fiber driver is crossover-less and covers the fundamental frequency range of  most instruments and voices from 35 Hz to 4,750 Hz. Only the pipe organ has fundamental frequencies above this range. There are no crossover induced phase or frequency abnormalities to muck up the sound in the fundamental frequencies range. The tweeter covers the harmonics of instruments and voices from 4,7500 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The tweeter's output is seamlessly integrated with the carbon fiber driver's  with a 6 dB slope. The subwoofer provides low bass reinforcement from 20 Hz to 200 Hz. All three drivers are wired in positive polarity to preserve the waveform of the original music source.

The Model 100 is a melding of our extensive experience building two-way loudspeakers and bandpass subwoofers. It has the magical imaging, resolution, soundstaging that only the best time coherent, minimum phase, positive polarity, two-way acoustic suspension loudspeaker can achieve. Combined with the articulate, dynamic performance of our 15EXP subwoofer, the Model 100's performance is hard too beat.

NSMT Model 100


The Model 100 is available as passive speakers or with active subwoofers. The passive version costs $8,995 per pair. The active version of each speaker has a 200 watt RMS amplified subwoofer with adjustable crossover, volume, and phase controls. A pair of active Model 100 costs $9,995.

The standard finish for the Model 100 is satin black top and bottom panels with black cloth applied as a veneer. The deluxe finish is satin black with red birch side panels. Because we manufacture our own cabinets we can offer the Model 100 with a custom finish of your choice.

The Model 100 is made to order with a delivery time of two to three weeks.

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