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A New Model 75

NSMT Model 75

A new Model 75 has been added to our lineup. It is an all acoustic suspension two-way design with an active subwoofer. Dimensions are 42 H X 9.5 W X 9 D inches. Frequency response is 26Hz to 20kHz =/- 2.5 dBs. Efficiency is 96.5 dBs.

The Model 75 was the first speaker we sold commercially. It was sold by Performance A/V on Sunrise High in Merrick, Long Island, New York, to a customer who A/B-ed the Model 75s against his legendary Bose 901s. He traded in the Bose 901s for the Model 75s. That was quite a confidence booster for a new startup. The new Model 75 is a worthy successor and upholds the old Model 75 reputation for “imaging on the next block.”